Skip Bayless reacts to Boston’s Game 4 loss to Cleveland: ‘They’re overrated, they got exposed’

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In his reaction to the Boston Celtics falling to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 4 of the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals, Skip Bayless reveals to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why he thinks the Celtics are overrated and got exposed in Game 3 and 4 of this series.

- Joy, forgive me for this. I'm getting a little worked up over here. But I'm just getting sick and tired of the Boston Celtics.

- Why?

- I've seen enough. They're overrated. They got exposed in Game 3 and exposed in Game 4 for what they were. They were the 18th-ranked offense in the entire NBA.

And that was with Kyrie Irving. And Kyrie is in street clothes. And Gordon Hayward is in street clothes. And Shane Larkin, who had a 16-point game this year, was in street clothes last night. And Daniel Theis, who scored 19 in a game this year, he was in street clothes.

They just don't have enough firepower. Cleveland now leads this series 2 to 2. Just put it that way. Because they lead the series. Because they are in control of this series.

They're going to win Game 5. They're going to win Game 6. It is ova, as you say. Ova!

- O-V-A.

- They have been put back in their places. And last night-- to all your early points, I can't give you your concluding point, but your early points-- the truth was that last night LeBron just toyed with the Boston Raptors. That's who they looked like last night-- the Raptors. They did. They were the Boston Raptors.

He clowned the Raptors in the third quarter. He just started taking shots. Like, he made a couple of really nice fall-aways in the first half. But then he just started saying, ah, let's just show off here a little bit. Let's try a show out.

And he had five second-half half turnovers that almost let Boston creep back in the game. And you know why? Because he wasn't taking them that seriously. You know how LeBron gets sometimes? I'll just try this pass and that pass, or I'll just try this.

And it's off somebody's hands, out-of-bounds. I'm saying, LeBron, calm down now. You better take them just seriously enough to put them away. And finally, they put them away. And LeBron did make the late 3.

And they did all the right things late to just shut them down and out. But the point is that-- LeBron knows-- again, he took 28 shots last night. And you realize he only made five shots outside the paint last night, which is unusual for him. He only made the one 3 out of four shots, four attempts. And, you realize, 12 of his 17 field goals were in the paint, and 10 of the 12 were at the rim.

And he got to the free throw line 13 times. So that's more at-the-rim, getting fouled, right? Made 9 of the 13, which puts him at 73% from the free throw line for the playoffs. Which means you're gonna lose a whole nother case of Diet Mountain Dew.

- We got two more games.

- We got two more games? Oh, OK.

- He get that up to like 78%.

- What's he gonna make, like, 30 of 30?

- You remember? Hey, you remember? Against Indiana, he went 22 for 22. We got a little hot streak.

- OK. You got that still up your sleeve?

- Yeah, he gonna pull it out.

- You sure about that? I'm not sure about that because last night, once again, the best thing LeBron James did, was he set a tone on defense. He didn't lock down Jaylen Brown the way he did in Game 3. But he did set a roving tone. He was doing more what you called the Ed Reed defense.

But at least he wasn't just standing under the goal in the first quarter. He was roaming and disrupting. And he had two steals last night early in the game. And set a tone for a team that brought it on defense.

Shannon Sharpe, your Cleveland Cavaliers threw a block party last night. They had eight-- you didn't even mention that. They had eight blocks. They intimidated the Boston Raptors at the rim. The Boston Raptors missed 15 shots at the rim including what, three or four dunks, three dunks?

And they missed countless little layups, layins at the rim because they were a little intimidated. And, by the way, of the eight blocks the Cavaliers had last night, LeBron had zero of those blocks. And he'll usually give you a couple, right?

- Yeah, we did--