Skip Bayless reveals who’s the most important Warrior: Curry or Durant

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Skip Bayless reveals to Shannon Sharpe and Eddie House why he thinks Kevin Durant is the most important player on the Golden State Warriors.

SKIP BAYLESS: Kevin Durant is both the most valuable player and the most important and the guy, or whatever you want to say. He's all that rolled into one, because even let's just look at last night. Golden State was up 11 at half. They were winning at half, in spite of Steph Curry, who was 1 for 7 from three in the first half. And they were up 11, because Kevin Durant had overcome the 1 for 7, because he had scored a game high 15 in the first half, because he is the most valuable player on the Golden State Warriors and the most important player on the Golden State Warriors.

And if you look at Steph's history, routinely his PER-- and you'd love that stat-- his player efficiency rating, in the regular season has fallen in the postseason. He's never lived up in the playoffs to what he has done in the regular season during which he won back to back MVPs.

So what happened in the finals last year? Kevin Durant was both the most valuable and the most important player, because he made all the big shots in the close out game. He was the finals MVP. And this year, they faced one big test and it was game four at New Orleans after they'd lost game three and gotten wiped out in game three. And who took over the game and scored 38? It was Kevin Durant. And Iguodala talked about how it was Jordanesque.

When he gets to his spot, nobody can stop him.


SKIP BAYLESS: And Steph, going into the game, going into the second half last night, was 3 for his last 23. And then they're already up 11. And by the time he made his second three point shot of the game, that put them up 17. And as D'Antoni correctly said after the game, "Hey, it's easy to make three point shots when you're up 14 points, because there's not nearly as much pressure."

So it was great to see Steph finally go off, but all the building blocks had been provided once again by the guy who had the biggest plus minus. Eddie hates plus minus, but the biggest plus minus in the game was Kevin Durant's plus 27. Because he's all of the above for the Golden State Warriors. And by the way, your guy broke through with one lucky championship against Golden State. And who came up really small in those after down three to one?


SKIP BAYLESS: It was a lucky-- because Draymon got suspended. So it's 3 - 1.


SKIP BAYLESS: And then what happened in game five, six, and seven? Go back and tell me what happened to Steph Curry.


SKIP BAYLESS: Did Bron happen to Steph Curry? Because he was pretty terrible. You remember fourth quarter of game seven, when Kyrie finally hit the shot of shots? Steph Curry, in the fourth quarter that night, was one of six and one of five from three, with three turnovers. That's just horrendously bad. Seriously? And you're telling me he's the guy for Golden State? That's just wrong. You're just trying to discredit Kevin Durant again.