Is LeBron to blame for the consistent drama surrounding the Cavaliers?

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Hear what Shannon Sharpe has to say about a recent article that the Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly battling with 'organizational fatigue', something that past LeBron teams have dealt with as well. is LeBron to blame for the Cavs' drama?

- Shannon, what do you make of this?

- I can understand it. Because when you have LeBron James on your roster, he brings expectations. And with expectations, come pressure. LeBron James is one of the few players that's ever entered into the NBA, no matter what his roster looked like, he's expected to get to and win NBA Finals games.

He puts so much pressure on an organization because we hear, oh, we want to win. Well, LeBron James says, show me. Spend up to the cap, over the cap, because this is what I need.

Skip, it's different than football. You know in football, you break up offense, defense. You break up-- you know, tight ends have their meetings, the wide receivers have their meetings. You can't do that in basketball, Skip. Everybody is right there in the same meeting room every single day.

And in football, you travel the day before the game, you're back out after the game, and you're back home. On basketball, it's day, after day, after day, after week. And you see each other. And with the expectations of that pressure.

Now, it's not easy playing with an all-time-great player. I had the luxury of playing with John Elway. Made my job so much easier. But they are very, very demanding. There is very expectations.

Shannon, you've got one job. When I throw it to you, you need to catch it. And I don't need to hear, with this, they did this, or the wind, it was raining. I throw you the ball, you catch it.

LeBron James says, OK, everybody have a job here. Now I know I have the more lion's share of the work. But when I throw you this ball in the corner, you need to make that shot. When I hit you on this outlet pass, you need to make that layup. He puts so much pressure on you.

It's not easy, Skip. And it starts to grind you. We're starting to see this in New England. Now, it took a long time for it to come to fruition, Skip. But this is what we're starting to see in New England with the expectations of getting to and winning Super Bowls year, after year, after year.

And that's what LeBron James does. He puts so much pressure, not only on himself, but on you, as an organization, to make sure that you're spending and you're bringing the best players in. But I tell you what. Everybody keeps saying, well, you know, they get fatigued. I know 29 other teams that would love to have a LeBron James, Skip Bayless.

Because you know what happens? Your house, every home game that you play, will be sold out. Every time you go on the road, will be sold out.

SKIP BAYLESS: That is true.

- So that also means the value of your franchise will go up. Because if LeBron James were to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers, let's take a look at what their value is as the team is right now. And once we leave-- and once he leaves, and you'll see what happened. Did I say we? Once LeBron leave us.

SKIP BAYLESS: You said we.

- I did it! Skip, I didn't mean to say it out loud. I mean, that was subconscious.

- It's totally out on the table. It's just who you are and who you is.

SHANNON SHARPE: No, it's not!

- Yeah. So, by the way, you made the New England comparison. Remember, in New England, the coach has gotten more and more jealous of the quarterback. The coach is battling the quarterback for credit.


- Right?


- Quietly battling--


- --right, behind the scenes? So that's not what's going on in Cleveland. I don't think Ty Lue cares about any credit. I don't see that or sense that.

SHANNON SHARPE: Cause he'll never get it.