Shannon Sharpe details what it will take for the Rockets to win Game 2 against the Warriors

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In his reaction to the Houston Rockets losing to the Golden State Warriors 119-106 in game one of the 2018 Western Conference Finals, Shannon Sharpe reveals to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor the keys to James Harden and Chris Paul leading the Rockets to a must-win ahead of Game 2.

- Shannon, what will it take for the Rockets to win Game 2?

- Play defense. Now, he said that in jest, and that's part of the problem why his team do not have success in the postseason, Skip, because he just thinks he can outscore everybody. Scoring was not their problem. It was that they couldn't stop Golden State from scoring. So even when they had a little cushion-- they got a 6, 7 point lead in the first quarter-- they had no answer for Kevin Durant. Well, when he gets it going like that, because a lot of those shots, Skip, they were contested. Hand in his face-- Capela had a hand, Ariza, Mbah a Moute, Tucker. He gets it going like that, Skip, you're at his mercy. You just hope and pray that he misses.

And then you let Klay Thompson get going. Skip, the Warriors had 27 3-point attempts. They were 9 of 14 on wide open 3's. Klay Thompson was 5 of 7. Klay Thompson once had a 3-point shot so wide open, he didn't shoot it when he caught the ball. He dribbled it and shot it like he was shooting a free throw.

- No, that's when you're really in trouble. If he has time to do that one little pump dribble to set himself. Pump, then you're dead.

- The dude was shooting a free throw.

SKIP BAYLESS: It's a swish, man.

- So you're going to leave him that wide open?

Steph had like the quietest 18 you'll ever see. He had 18. OK, you let KD go wild. You let Klay go wild. Klay had like a ho-hum night. But you better force Iguodala-- you get a force Iggy and Draymond to beat you. Because you already know, those three, I feel very comfortable, Skip, these are three of the greatest shooters that we've ever seen. They three top 10 shooters right now, if they never dribble another basketball again. Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant are three of the best shooters the NBA has ever, ever seen.

Now, Mike D'Antoni, let me tell you something. You've got 41 from Harden, you got 23 from Chris Paul. So let's just say, for the sake of argument, Harden and CP3 canceled out Klay and KD. Ariza and Tucker and Mbah a Moute, you've got to get more than 8 points from them, Skip. You can't.

See, you can't consistently count on Clint Capela, Skip, because you don't run plays for him. He'll run to the, he's a rim runner and he'll get put-backs. So you can't say, OK, we going to pencil him in for 20 points because you never know. Some nights he might get 25, some nights might be like what he got last night. He got you 12 points. But those other guys, those other three? And Skip, I don't know what Mbah a Moute was on last night, but he was on the bull jive. He missed four point blank lay-ups. Chris Paul look at him like, dude, what's wrong with you?

Skip, they in a heap of trouble. This might be the first time in NBA history a 65 win team gets swept. That's a very, very strong possibility. They better have the-- James Harden might need 60. He might need a 60 point triple double. If they lose tomorrow night, Skip, they getting swept. Because you remember Mike D'Antoni said, his season is not going to be determined by how far they go in the playoffs. It might not be very far.