Skip Bayless on Celtics vs. Cavs rematch: ‘This will be the first time the Boston Celtics will miss Kyrie Irving’

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Skip Bayless makes his pick for the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals rematch between Boston and Celtics. Plus, Skip reveals to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why Kyrie Irving will be missed in this series.

SKIP BAYLESS: And I am saying five.


- I'm saying five, Cavs in five, LeBron in five, because this is one team that will have no answer for LeBron James. He is the Beast of the East. He is playing at the highest offensive level of his career.

SHANNON SHARPE: The Beast of the NBA.

- Of the East.

- Don't do that, Skip.

SKIP BAYLESS: Of the East, not the NBA.


- We'll get to that later. I already told you what's gonna happen. I actually pity LeBron, because they're gonna win this in five, and then they're going to go get gentleman swept in five by the Warriors.

SHANNON SHARPE: Don't feel sorry for LeBron.

- It's just coming again. And it's like sad but true that it's-- he-- he's just-- it's like the light at the end of the tunnel is the oncoming train for LeBron James.


- Right?

- I mean, Skip, the Warriors have the better team. You make it seem like LeBron if LeBron had equal talent.

- This is the kind of game where, if you are truly the goat and by far the best player on the planet, you should be able to just go in there and say, I'm better than all you guys. You can join all the forces you want to join, and you're not better than me. Because LeBron still has Kevin Love, who's still playing at an all-star level. And you just made the case in the previous discussion that we had that you thought the Cavs bench is way better than the 6ers bench, right?


- So it's pretty good. I think they're a pretty good basketball team.

- Yeah. Well, their bend is definitely-- I believe their bench is definitely better than-- than Boston's bench. But Boston only plays three players. They play smart. They play Morris and they play this-- this young kid.


- But yeah.

- So here's the problem. This will be the first time the Boston Celtics will miss Kyrie Irving. This is what I've been waiting for all year, and there's no Kyrie. And it's a terrible letdown. Because this would be-- would this not be epic?

- Yeah. Because-- and this is what Kyrie wanted. Kyrie wanted an opportunity.

SKIP BAYLESS: This is why he chose Boston.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, he didn't really choose Boston. They, I mean--

- Well, I'm just saying he-- he blessed Boston.

SHANNON SHARPE: We should have-- we should have gotten Rozier. We should have gotten more. We should have gotten Jaylen Brown.


- We should have got Jaylen Brown, Rozier in that pick.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah. But you didn't. And now yeah--

SHANNON SHARPE: Oh, that was Dan Gilbert's doing.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, but Dan Gilbert recouped at the trade deadline, and he actually turned a bad trade into a pretty good trade.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, this is we know, Skip.

SKIP BAYLESS: Because you got Jordan Clarkson and you got George Hill and you got Larry Nance, Jr.