Shannon Sharpe reacts to the 76ers being eliminated by the Celtics: ‘They blew this series’

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In his reaction to the Philadelphia 76ers being eliminated by the Boston Celtics in Game 5 of the second round of the 2018 Eastern Conference playoffs, Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor how Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons blew the series against the Celtics.

- What happened last night?

- Two things happened. First of all, the officiating happened. Skip, I got a problem with the officials calling 72 fouls-- the two teams shot 72 free-throw attempts.


- In the last 32 seconds, they swallowed the whistle.


- Skip, that last play, that was a foul on Joel-- they fouled Joel Embiid. They fouled Jayson Tatum the series before. But, Skip, you can't do that. Now you understand why LeBron doesn't drive the ball.

Cause you know why? They gonna hit him upside his head. They gonna hack him, and they're not gonna call a foul. And then LeBron gonna get mad, put them mitts on somebody, get thrown out the ball game, Joy, go curse at the officials at the end of the game. And then, you know, Adam Silver might have to, you know, have a talk with us.

SKIP BAYLESS: So he should shoot one foot, one-handed--

- Shoot it!

SKIP BAYLESS: --fall-aways.

- Like he does.


- Like he does. That's why he got all those clutch buzzer beaters-- more than somebody else we know-- but we're not talking about him, just yet.


- Skip, that notwithstanding, Philly blew this game again. Skip, Philly could have easily won this series, four games to one. They had a four-point lead, Skip, with two minutes left. And then, I don't know what happened.

Sorry, either that's a charge or that's a blocking foul on Smart. It's not a play-on, Skip. It's not.

- That was some serious contact.

- Yes! So it's either a charge or it's a foul on Smart. It's not a play-on.

- Whistles, swallowed.

- Yeah, you can't. After you done let them shoot 72 free throw attempts. You can't swallow the whistles now. But Ben Simmons, uh-uh, bro, it's great if you can possibly be-- and Skip, if you think about it, the dude can't shoot outside of six feet. And he still, basically, averaged 16, 10, and 8--


- --in the playoffs, with no jumper. He's gonna have to get better. Joel Embiid, you're 7' 2". You play too much outside. Bro, you got to get down on the block.

Just because you have 3-point range, that doesn't mean when you're 7'2", you should hang out there. Skip, he shoots entirely too many jumpers. And he makes a few. And then, like you say, LeBron falls in low with the 3 if he gets them one or two. That's what he does.

SKIP BAYLESS: He does. I agree.

- He gets a couple of outside shots, and now, all of a sudden, he doesn't want to put his back to the basket. They blew this. Give the Celtics credit. Like I said, what makes the Celtics so good is because you never know. Jayson Tatum is getting better and better.

Every time I watch him, Skip, he's getting better and better. Al Horford did what he did all year. Rozier, when he coming in for playing for Kyrie, he's played well. But the Sixers blew this, Skip. You know they blew this series.