Shannon Sharpe asked Kyle Kuzma: Durant or LeBron?

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Kyle Kuzma joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk LeBron James vs Kevin Durant.

SKIP BAYLESS: Tell us what you see in this team. Because you got a lot of young talent. I loved this team going in. Remember, you did have Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. And I thought this team was loaded. Then you added Isaiah obviously at the end. What do you see next year? Could you be a playoff team next year? Do you--

KYLE KUZMA: Without a doubt.

- I mean, is that like a legit goal?

- Yeah, for sure legit. Honestly, I think we could have made the playoffs this year.


- We had a lot of games. For instance, we won 35 games. We had a lot of games at the beginning here, like I said, that we didn't know how to win that were right here, and we just didn't grab. So, for us, you know, I don't see why we can't.


- Even if we add nobody or not.

SKIP BAYLESS: You took Golden State to overtime twice?

- Twice.

- Really? Yeah.

- Yeah.

- You played big in both those games. Lonzo played pretty well.

SHANNON SHARPE: But here's the thing, Skip. Now you've gotten close to a lot of your teammates. Now, you know if LeBron and Paul George come there, they're going to break this up. You do know that, right? You know that.

- We'll see.

SHANNON SHARPE: You know if they bring LeBron James and Paul George to the Lakers, Skip, some of that young talent is going to have to go.

- Nature of the beast.

SKIP BAYLESS: Not his decision.

KYLE KUZMA: You control what you can control, right?

SHANNON SHARPE: You comfortable with that? I mean, you--

- Sure.

- I mean, I know you want to be the big fish. Now, I mean, I-- they about to bring-- if they bring Moby Dick up in there, that big old-- that big old guy from Akron, Skip.

- He's getting old, though. He's beyond his retirement--

- Kyle.

- Stint, right?

SHANNON SHARPE: Oh, we'll ask Kyle.


- Durant or LeBron?

KYLE KUZMA: Durant or LeBron.


- Right, well, LeBron, easy.

JOY TAYLOR: Oh, my God.

KYLE KUZMA: You all right? You disagree?

- No, no, he-- no, no, no, he don't. He's like Kevin Durant is way better than LeBron.

- I did not say way--

- Way, way.

- Who was the finals MVP last year?

SHANNON SHARPE: Kyle, talk to him. I'm going to let you talk to him. I want to see what he'll do.

- My question is was what he's saying is, you know, if you put-- if you switch teams--


- Are the Cavs better or worse with KD?

- KD is a monster. When he decides--


SKIP BAYLESS: When he gets to his spots, as Iguodala was saying the other day against-- listen, they just toyed with a pretty good New Orleans team.

- For sure.

- And the crucial game was that game four back at New Orleans.


- And Kevin Durant, remember Draymond texted him in the middle of night.


- You need to bring it tomorrow. You need to be more aggressive like you and Lonzo talked.

- Mm-hm.

- And he just took the game over. And when he is making those jump shots, nobody could-- LeBron can't shoot that way. He doesn't have that mid-range game like that.

SHANNON SHARPE: You got to run with that. If--


- You got-- yeah, when he's 30 points ahead and he's shooting clowney fade-aways, that--

KYLE KUZMA: Have you seen what he's been doing these playoffs though?

SKIP BAYLESS: Who? LeBron? I haven't watched. What happened?

- Unbelievable.


- Well, let him sip his coffee.

- Are you campaigning--

- That one.

- --for-- would you like to play with him?

KYLE KUZMA: Ah, you know, I'm not saying that. You know, I'm just saying from the situation that we came from--


- --that he's a better player right now than he used to-- I don't want to get no tampering fines or anything.


- We can go through that a lot in LA.

SKIP BAYLESS: Who plays-- who plays the better defense between Kevin Durant and LeBron James right now? I just--I'm wondering. I'm just asking.

SHANNON SHARPE: I don't know.

- KD is a good defender.

SKIP BAYLESS: He's a good defender.

- He's improved a lot the past few years.

SKIP BAYLESS: The way he rim protects.

- That's--

SHANNON SHARPE: But you know they don't ask KD to do what they asked LeBron to do.

SKIP BAYLESS: What? If LeBron plays--

KYLE KUZMA: Well, the thing is--

SKIP BAYLESS: Wait a second.

- You have to--

SKIP BAYLESS: What do they asking him? He plays one-man zone. He goes and stands under the basket.

KYLE KUZMA: But you have to realize what he does on the offense.


- KD does a lot on the offense event as well. But for LeBron, he's playing 40 minutes a night. He's carrying a lot of people that have never really played in the playoffs.


- And you got to look at the flip side. KD, you know, he has Steph. He has Draymond.

- Klay.

- He has Klay.

- Mm-hm.

- You know, he has a lot of players that he can play in space. He doesn't have to worry about double teams. He doesn't have to worry about the same things that LeBron has.

SHANNON SHARPE: He don't have to worry about rebounding.

- So when--

SKIP BAYLESS: What did you tell me Draymond did? He walked out in the parking lot after they lost to LeBron, and he did what? He called KD.

- He did not--

- Why would he call KD?

- Steph Curry saved KD's legacy.

- Hm.

- Because if he'd of said, no, I don't want him here, he wouldn't have been able to come there.

SKIP BAYLESS: Hm. Who was the better player in the finals last year?

SHANNON SHARPE: Ah. Stop it. Stop it.


KYLE KUZMA: KD. KD definitely was.

SKIP BAYLESS: Ah, there we go.


- So I'm starting it.

- The man averaged a triple double.

- Huh.

- He's done-- he's done two things in the finals nobody's--

SKIP BAYLESS: It was over in 5.

- Hold on, hold on. He's done two things in the finals no man can ever say. He averaged a triple double. And he once laid in the seven-game series, in the finals--


- Every statistical category, point, rebound, blocks, assists--

SKIP BAYLESS: Do you remember game four?

JOY TAYLOR: When did he do that series that he averaged that-- his triple double, who'd he go home with?


- Check the [INAUDIBLE]

- He got the call.

- But he took it in five games.

- But he--

- It wasn't even close.

- Well, you could-- hey, Joy, you remember 2012? What did--

JOY TAYLOR: Yes, I do. It was wonderful year.

- What would he hang on? What did he hang on? He did that the hard-- KD, and what.

SKIP BAYLESS: When they're all like 18 and 19.

SHANNON SHARPE: Whoa, don't do that, Skip.

- Well, hm.

- Well, maybe you-- we have all-- the players come out here to coach. You come out here. They tell you Bron, but you still want to argue. Stop arguing with the guests.

- I know what happened last year. He was the finals MVP. Shot the shot of the finals--


- Right in LeBron's face.

SHANNON SHARPE: How many of those trophies Bron got?


JOY TAYLOR: Everyone has a--

KYLE KUZMA: Got a point.