Skip Bayless reacts to T.J. McConnell’s career night saving the Sixers from elimination vs the Celtics

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In his reaction to the Philadelphia 76ers avoiding elimination with 103-92 win over the Boston Celtics, Skip Bayless explains how T.J. McConnell's career night help lift the Sixers' struggling offense.

- TJ McConnell, people probably have forgotten, two years ago he started 17 games as a rookie. And last year, in his second year in the league undrafted out of Arizona, he started 51 games last year. So he's kind of been around.

He maybe hadn't been around to this point, but he's, he's been there and done all this before. And that last night, that's pretty special. If you go 9 of 12 and you chip in with seven rebounds and five assists-- and here's the beauty of it. TJ McConnell had zero turnovers in 39 minutes of a potential close out home game with the pressure on him. Because it's Ben Simmons as the best player, the new next, who's got next to LeBron James, right?

SHANNON SHARPE: I know-- I know a guy who had 14 assists with no-- with one turnover, a 17 and none. You know that guy Skip?

- We're talking about TJ McConnell here.

SHANNON SHARPE: That's my point. And that's why they're going home tomorrow.

- So guess what Scary Terry Rozier did last night? Guess what he did?

SHANNON SHARPE: He about to swing on Joel Embiid. That's what he's about to do.

- He's trying. He's trying. And I admire him for that, for standing his ground.


- I do.

- You don't swing on the ball court, Skip.

SKIP BAYLESS: You can't. He was just pushing. He didn't close his fist. He didn't-- he just shoved. It's OK.

SHANNON SHARPE: Joel Embiid should have put--

- So last night Scary Terry went four of 11 and one of 6 from three. Why was that, Shannon Sharpe?

SHANNON SHARPE: He had an off night.

- It was because of TJ McConnell getting up into him. Because TJ brings energy and grit and scrap. And TJ is bigger than you think he is. He's 6'2". How tall are you?


- That's what I'm saying. So he's as tall as you are. And he looks like he's about 5'4" on the court, doesn't he?


- He plays 5'4", but he plays stout. He plays strong. He plays the right way. He makes every right play with conviction. He's just-- he's not afraid.

So he changed the way they played. He changed it in game three. He changed it in game two. And finally last night, Brett Brown said, I'm going to sort of cover my bet here. I'm going to start Ben and TJ. That was interesting. So you started two point guards.

SHANNON SHARPE: Here's the thing. Why wasn't he starting Covington?

- Because he has been a disaster. He's been beyond Rodney Hood disaster.

SHANNON SHARPE: Thank you, thank you. He's been terrible.

- And he was last night again. He was pretty terrible.