Skip Bayless shares his thoughts on Jason Witten’s career in Dallas

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe talk Jason Witten after his retirement. Find out what they think of the former Cowboys TE's HOF credentials.

- This is tough for me too because I'm obviously a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. And I'm a fan of Jason Witten. Is he not one of the all-time greatest guys that you've ever run across?

I have not a single bad word to say about Jason Witten. And I'll throw on top of everything you just said, he's the best blocking tight end, not only of his era, but you can make a case he's the greatest blocking tight end ever. Because he was like another tackle for them in the run game.

- Yeah, he's more Ditka, Mackey--

- He is.

- --than he is Kellen, Ozzie, myself.

- Correct. Well said. So he's gonna wind up with the second-most tight end receptions of all time and the second-most yards of all time. But our man Tony Gonzalez just, he ran away with those and hid. He's so far behind, he could have played three more years and he never would have caught him.

- No.

- He's fifth in touchdowns among tight ends. Pretty good. But then we get to that bottom, bottom line that you brought up. Jason played in eight playoff games and he won two. Two and six.

And is he the quarterback? Is he the middle linebacker? No, he can't control all of the above. Was his team not good enough to win those games? You can argue.

Shannon Sharpe played in 18 playoff games, and went 13 and 5, and won three Super Bowls. Played in three and won three. Now, was that all-- did you get all the credit for that?

Obviously you don't. But you were there and a big part of all of the above. You also played in four championship games. And Jason played in no championship games. OK.

So I'm tough on the Hall of Fame. I think it's getting softer and softer on letting people into the Hall of Fame. And I know this puts you in an awkward position cause you're in, and so it's just tough to comment on this. But Jason Witten would not be in my Hall of Fame. But my standards are high.

Did he change the game? Was he a transcendent player? No. He was a really good-- there's that Hall of Very Good that I talk about. He's definitely in the Hall of Very Good.

He played 15 years, and he missed one game with a broken jaw. He got three plates inserted in his jaw and came back and played the following week. That's it, 15 years.

- It's unbelievable.

- That's durability, man.

- Skip, I played 14 years but I missed the equivalent of a season with injuries. Missed 12 games one year, missed three games another year. Sat out a couple of games because we had nothing to play for. So I missed about 16, 17 games throughout my career. So although it says, I mean, 14 years I played, basically I played 13 years.

- So, Jason Witten, if you threw it in his catch radius, he's going to catch it. Had really solid, secure, safe hands. Very dependable. But run after catch? No.

So could he take over the game? Could he change the game with breakaway runs? Nope, not gonna do that. But he did make 11 Pro Bowls, and he made two first-team All-Pros, which is pretty good. But it's not the best of the era.