Skip Bayless reveals how Philly fan Kevin Hart sparked Dwyane Wade’s Game 2 performance

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In his reaction to Dwyane Wade leading the Miami Heat to a 113-103 win over the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 2, Skip Bayless says Philly fan Kevin Hart sideline antics was the spark that ignited Wade's 28 point performance to tie the series.

- I want to talk about the game within the game last night because I want to talk about my little buddy Kevin Hart. By the way, I'm going to see Kevin Hart a little later today and I'm going to give him an earful just the way he gave Dwyane Wade an earful from courtside last night in Philadelphia. Because when Dwyane Wade said after the game, you can thank Kevin Hart for that, he meant it. It was dead serious. Because Kevin Hart was all over Dwyane Wade from the moment he set foot on the floor last night and Dwyane Wade responded as only Dwyane Wade can.

He still has greatness in him. Not as much as he had before, but in doses, true greatness. He's still got assassin. He's still got the clutch takeover gene where he can suddenly just take the whole game over. And he kept talking back to Kevin Hart, and he kept pointing at Kevin Hart. And Kevin Hart kept talking and talking until he just might have derailed my Eastern Conference finals pick that I picked the Sixers to beat the Cavs in the finals.

SHANNON SHARPE: So are you seeing Kevin Hart is to the Sixers what Spike Lee is to the Nicks?

- Yes. And what Kevin doesn't understand-- and I'm going to tell him this later-- he cannot go to another Heat-Sixers game.


- Because he's just going to set off Dwyane again. And they tweeted back and forth at each other late last night as he was flying back to LA, I assume from his private jet. But he said, you know, I'll see you in Miami. Kevin said to Dwyane, he said, you can't come to Miami. I'm saying, don't go to Miami, because it's the last place you need to go. Because just the sight of Kevin Harvick is going to set off Dwyane Wade again. You should hope Kevin Hart goes to Miami.


- You should hope he goes to every Sixers game, and he is a Sixers nut. He's true blue. He's to the core. But you can't incite a Dwyane Wade riot on the court, and that's really what he did last night. Was Dwyane Wade not the difference in that game?

- He was, Skip. He had his Reggie Miller moment.

- Reggie Miller? I mean, did you see the-- he had 21 in the first half? Come on, he made 8 out of 9 shots in the first half, and then he has 28 total on 11 of 16 shots. And let's just go to the guts of the game. Let's go to what happened. The Sixers go on just a hellacious 18 to 7 run like they are very capable of exploding on people, and all of a sudden, 4:29 left, it's a 2 point game and, all of a sudden, the Sixers get the ball back and they're only down 2. They're about to shoot to tie or to win. And there's a dead ball for a moment, and guess who comes back onto the floor? One Dwyane Wade.

And Shannon Sharpe, I know you were watching the game. What proceeded to happen from that point forward? Can we see this like a little riff of Dwyane Wade here?

SHANNON SHARPE: He was spectacular.

- He steals the ball from Saric, and he goes right down and dunks it, and he glares at Kevin Hart. And then he made a really sweet little flip pass to James Johnson for a dunk. And then also-- and here they go again. And then Dwyane Wade goes up for an offensive rebound, gets it right back, and it goes around the horn to Dragic for another jumper. And then he caps off the hole. Here's the Dragic jumper, and now Miami's just pulling away. And then, finally, he goes right up over Ben Simmons for a 23 feet dagger. That was it, that made it back to an 8 point game. It was just Dwyane Wade, Dwyane Wade, Dwyane Wade, Dwyane Wade. And you don't see a lot of that, but that was a crucial game 2.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, yeah, they're not winning that game without that performance from D Wade. And I can say it, Skip, on occasion, he can give you that kind of performance. But those performances are so few and far between that it really doesn't have an impact. Like I said, this is only his fourth time above 20 since he's been back in Miami.

- OK, but is the money not on the table now? Is this not when it really counts?

- So there wasn't no money on the table in game 1? So who's taking the money?

- As every coach will tell you, game 2 is always that turning point when you do your adjustments, you figure out what happened in game 1. They got blown off the floor in the second half of game 1. And all of a sudden, Dwyane Wade, who's been there, and done that, and done it, and done it, did it to the Sixers again.

So it made me hark back to what I said before this season started. Remember, on September 27, I had already picked the Celtics with Kyrie and of course with Gordon Hayward to win the East over LeBron and company. And then all of a sudden company included, Dwyane Wade? He's going-- he's going to join forces-- rejoin forces-- with LeBron in Cleveland, Ohio? And I said, I switch, I'm sorry. I got the Cavs to win the East now. And what happened in November and December? It seems so long ago. It seems like two seasons ago.

SHANNON SHARPE: They went on that, what, 13-game winning streak?

- It was 18 and 1, over a 19-game stretch. They went 18 and 1, and LeBron was pushing Dwyane Wade for Sixth Man of the Year. And then, I don't know what happened. The trade deadline happened, and obviously Rodney Hood and Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr, and George Hill, they all happened, happened, happened, happened. Boom, boom, boom, explosion is the trade deadline. And a small explosion that kind of got swept under the table was, wait a minute, they sent Dwyane Wade, quote-unquote, "home to Miami"? It was just like an afterthought. It was like a secondary story. And I'm thinking, wait a second. Really?

- Well, Skip, they were going to have an influx of 2 guards-- Rodney Hood, JR Smith, Jordan Clarkson, so I mean-- Kyle Korver.

- OK, so I'm going to ask you a hard question right now, because I said it then. I'm not being a hypocrite about it. I said, LeBron will miss Dwyane Wade's presence-- this is not only on the floor, but in the locker room, and maybe at home after the game-- he's going to miss LeBron's presence in the postseason. So tell me right now, would you rather have Dwyane Wade on your bench or Jordan Clarkson on your bench? Going forward in these playoffs, would you rather have Dwyane or Jordan Clarkson? Because I got to tell you, I'm taking Dwyane Wade.