Skip Bayless reveals why it’s time for the Dallas Cowboys to part ways with Dez Bryant

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In his discussion on reports Dez Bryant will meet with Jerry Jones Friday, Skip Bayless explains to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why it's time for the Dallas Cowboys to cut Dez Bryant. Is it a mistake if Jerry Jones keeps Dez Bryant on the team?

- How will this end?

- Maybe I am about to speak more with my heart than my head. But my gut feeling is that tomorrow in the Dallas Cowboy office of one Jerry Jones, a tearful farewell meeting is going to take place between one Jerry Jones, and the player he has too often and to a fault treated like a son, Dez Bryant.

I believe that the number one roadblock next year to the Dallas Cowboys getting to the Super Bowl is Dez Bryant. I believe he has to go. I believe it's time to throw up the X on Dez Bryant. And I just have a gut feeling, and maybe I'm hoping against hope, that this is it.

That Jerry has finally seen the light and he's going to thank Dez for all that he's done and he's going to hug him and pat him on the head and send him into the sunset in Dallas. Cut, as he approaches age 30. And I'm hoping that, because I don't think Dez is fixable.

I don't think the new guru he's going to or the new receiver coach that they hired in Dallas can fix Dez Bryant, who became are broken down shell of himself, not just last year, but the year before. And I believe the biggest reason for the Dallas Cowboys going only 9-7 last year, was the demise of one Dez Bryant.

I'm going to remind everybody, they threw him the foot--, Dak threw him the football 132 times last year.

- Threw at him.

- Threw at him. That was more than a fourth of the throws that Dak attempted to make. That's a lot of passes you throw in that direction. And Dez Bryant caught only 52% of them. That's not very many of 132, if you only catch 52%. And he led the NFL in drops. That was the demise of Dak Prescott, who too often said 88 is open, my read tells me to throw to 88. And I do not believe--

- No, 88 should be at open--

- Should be open, that's well said. And I do not believe that if Dez Bryant were forced by Jerry Jones, had no other choice but to take a pay cut, that he would ever be happy with said pay cut. I think he would pout, because he's Dez Bryant. I think he would make waves, because that's what he's always done.

And I think he would be an ongoing detriment to the whole process of trying to rebuild what I thought was a Super Bowl team two years ago. So we have seen the seeds planted by the bad cop, Stephen Jones, the son of Jerry, because he's again and again told the media that we have to revisit Dez's contract and Dez's situation.

And then the other music to my ears was that just lately it's been reported that the Cowboys were at least in the derby trying to get Sammy Watkins. Well, help me out.

- You could have got him.

- OK.

- If you have had Dez off your roster.

- That's correct.

- Could have had money.

- But if you had landed him, what would that tell you? Would Dez not be gone?

- Yes.

- So the mere fact that they went after Sammy Watkins tells me that Jerry has finally given up and is ready to part ways with one Dez Bryant. And then I thought it was a very significant that the other day, Babe Laufenberg, who for 25 years has been the color analyst on the in-house Cowboy-run radio broadcasts of the team, Babe Laufenberg, who once played quarterback for the Cowboys, started the first playoff game under the Jerry-Jimmy regime against the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta.

And I know him, and he's really a smart guy. But he went on a Dallas radio show last week and he blasted Dez Bryant, just the way you have been blasting him. And I don't think Babe would have done that if he didn't feel on solid ground that this is about to come to an end.