Shannon Sharpe reveals why Ben Simmons is the obvious choice for Rookie of the Year

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Shannon Sharpe reveals to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor why Philadelphia 76ers rookie Ben Simmons is the clear choice for 2018 NBA Rookie of the Year over Utah's Donovan Mitchell.

- Shan, do you like Donovan Mitchell's sweatshirt?

- No. He says it's a person that plays their first year.

- Mm-hmm.

- Did Ben Simmons play NBA basketball last year?

SKIP: He was around.

- Hell, Joel Embiid was three years in and was eligible for Rookie of the Year last year, Skip. Until the NBA changes the rules, Ben Simmons is a rookie. And I get it-- Donovan Mitchell has had a phenomenal year, Skip.

- Yep.

- And by any metric, had Ben Simmons not been in this classification, he would win Rookie of the Year. Now, it would really be close between he and Jayson Tatum. I believe Donovan would win that over Jayson Tatum.

- Mm-hmm.

- But Ben Simmons, who is a transcendent player, also happens to be a rookie, and any time you can do something that Magic Johnson didn't do-- now remember, Magic Johnson's rookie year, he played with Kareem. Kareem was MVP of the league.

Magic Johnson did not have 12 triple-doubles, so for Ben Simmons to have that many triple-doubles, yes, he played with looks like a great player, a long-time great player to be in Joel Embiid, Skip. Even when Embiid has been out, Ben Simmons' numbers go up. His assists go up, his points go up, his field goal percentage go up, and he's over 500 without him.

You look at Donovan Mitchell's numbers without Rudy Gobert. He's sub-500, so I get the argument, Skip. Ben Simmons came in. He had the red shirt, just like a red shirt freshman. He did not play NBA basketball game. Therefore, he is a rookie. Stop all of this politicing. I'm tired of everybody trying to politic. You don't see O'Shea Sharp doing nothing.

- Oh-- [GAGGING]

- I'm about to post something on my page.

- Oh, yeah?

- Soon as we shoot the break, I'm going to post something.

SKIP: Huh.