Skip Bayless on Ben Simmons saying he’s the 2018 Rookie of the Year

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In his conversation with Shannon Sharpe, Jim Jackson and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless reacts to Philadelphia 76ers forward Ben Simmons' comments that he's '100 percent' the 2018 NBA Rookie of the Year.

- Every time I have brought up that Ben Simmons benefited from a redshirt season, you always shoot me down and say, no, he didn't! Well, you just said it. You said that it shouldn't count. He had a whole year of practicing with the 76ers of figuring out how pro basketball works, what are the rhythms, how does it feel, get a little stronger in the weight room, improve my nutrition. You get a whole big head start on anybody else in your "rookie class," quote, unquote.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, it's the NBA's fault because he should have come straight out of high school.


So this would have been his third year.

- Yeah, exactly.

SKIP BAYLESS: You know, maybe Jim summed it up when you said, Philly versus Utah, location, location, location because maybe I'm the only one who stays up half the time to watch this kid play. Because he is electrifying a team that just went on a 28 and 5 run to the third seed in the West. Are you kidding me?

He electrifies this team with his play making and his sharpshooting because he can just shoot the lights out when he gets it going. And remember, three of his first five games this year, he scored two points because he was the 16th pick in the draft-- I'm sorry, was he-- 13th pick in the draft. So, you know, nobody-- I didn't see it coming at Louisville.


- And he got off to a slow start. And now, he's had two 40-plus point games and he's had five 30-plus point games. And he took a team that lost Gordon Hayward to the Celtics, obviously, lost George Hill, who wound up with your guys, lost Joe Johnson. It's just-- nobody thought they were a playoff team. And now, they're the--

JIM JACKSON: And Gobert was out, too.

- Gobert was out for 26 games. And now they're the three seed? And he is a mere 6 feet 3 inches tall, and I don't care what you say, when I see Simmons stand up to Embiid, he's 7 feet tall.

And by the way, speaking of Embiid, so Ben Simmons benefits from playing with the best center in pro basketball. And when those two are together on the floor, it's just unstoppable, man. And I give you, this is a gifted passer, especially for 7 feet tall, and Ben Simmons-- and just a gifted all-around basketball player who cannot shoot a lick and is a free throw [INAUDIBLE] liability. He's shooting 56% from the free throw line. And he tried 11 threes this year and missed all 11 of them.

And even from two-point range, he's shooting 56%. So he's not even at-- I'm sorry, 36% from two-point range, so he's not even a two-point shooter.

SHANNON SHARPE: He's in the paint.