Shannon Sharpe reveals what’s ahead for Kawhi Leonard

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Shannon Sharpe reveals to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor what is next for San Antonio Spurs' star Kawhi Leonard. Is Kawhi reserving his health in order to lock down the biggest possible payday?

- Did you ever hear my Spurs one time this year say, oh, whoa, are we?

- Yeah.

- They lost--

- Y'all tried-- y'all tried to strongarm Kawhi. Popovich tried to do it. Tony Parker tried to do it. And Kawhi said, no. He had the claw up.

- Two months ago, my Spurs' medical staff, trained staff declared Kawhi Leonard healthy enough to play basketball. And we're all the way home now to the end of the year. We have one game left at New Orleans. And there's still no Kawhi. And I ask, Kawhi, why, why. Why, Kawhi?

- Because you know why, Skip? When you have the kind of money Kawhi makes, like 18, 19 million a year, you also have your own medical staff. And his medical staff said, Kawhi, you're not cleared to play.

- So do you realize that my San Antonio Spurs, without their best player, just came within one game of having the best home record in the whole NBA, Western or Eastern Conference? Came within one game by having the best home record. That's pretty special, right?

Did any of them last night say, we had a really special year this year, and we're so happy with what we did? Because they don't-- it's like, next.

- You know what I noticed? I noticed none of them went in front of the cameras and said, yeah, we tried the hold Kawhi hostage. We tried to make him feel guilty.

- I wish they would have made him feel guiltier.

- He said no, I ain't doing it. But you know what Kawhi saw? Kawhi's over there looking. He says, hold on. Wait a minute. I saw what happened to Isiah Thomas. Isaiah Thomas is never going to get that $150 million payday that he was due. Kawhi said I'm going to get this 217. And I'm going to sit right on the-- I'm going to make sure this whole quad going to be 1,000%, percent if there is such a percentage. But whatever it is, if 100 is as high as you can get, I'm doing to make sure it's 100 times 10.

- God bless him.