Shannon Sharpe thinks NFL execs are only giving Johnny Manziel credit to seem right in their initial evaluations

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In a discussion with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor on Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe criticizes NFL execs who are praising quarterback Johnny Manziel after his performance in his first game of The Spring League.

- Shannon, do you agree?

- Hell no. Johnny Manziel has the potential to get you in trouble just like he got Cleveland in trouble. I've never seen anything like this, Skip.

What this is, is that execs want to be right. Johnny was a first-round pick. If Johnny Manziel was a fourth or fifth-round pick, everybody would have jumped and been gone.

But I got to be right. And if Johnny were to come back, they get to say, see, I told you. He just need to be in the right situation, have someone to cultivate him and put him in a system where he can flourish.

It is hard for me to believe that you can watch a guy, that hadn't played NFL football in two years, go to a league that most of us have never heard of, play with guys that may not have ever played in the NFL, or may never play in the NFL-- and after one game, you can say his potential is off the chart?

Potential means you haven't done anything, yet. Johnny Manziel-- one game in this league and you got some NFL execs saying his potential is off the charts? Ask Cleveland where they got them.

Skip, he's an undersi-- they make it seem like Johnny Manziel is Cam Newton. Cam Newton has talents that are off the chart! 6' 5'', 250 pounds, running 4.5 40, can throw the ball 70 yards. That's potential off the chart!

You're talking about a guy that's 5' 11'', that his whole thing is playing off-script. Basically, don't call a play, let him draw it up in the sand, and let's go make a play.

His best years was playing with Mike Evans. Well, what did he do, Skip? Run around, throw the ball up, Mike Evans jump up and make a play.


- And for an exec to say his potential is off the charts after watching this game? Skip, if it's in the preseason-- let's just say it's the Hall of Fame game. Let's just say you see something in practice against guys that's on an NFL roster, that has the potential of making a team.

OK. Man, Johnny looked like he's good, like he's calmed down, he's playing more within the system. He still can make his plays outside the pocket, but he's throwing the ball well from inside the pocket.

But to watch this, and to say his potential is off the chart? Man, it's straight BS.

- I agree, if they're talking about watching that spring league game, whatever, in which he got sacked three times in the half that he played, and made one roll-out touchdown pass to somebody who probably won't make it in the NFL against DBs who probably won't make it in the NFL. I'm with you on that.

I think what the Mike Freeman anonymous quotes refer back to is what the whole league came to think of Johnny ahead of his draft. And I was there. I was ahead of the curve on Johnny because, the year before, I didn't like him. I loved him.

And all of the sudden everybody started coming around before the draft. And the great Mel Kiper at ESPN-- I'm going to remind, you in his final mock ahead of Johnny's draft, he had him going seventh to Tampa Bay. That would have changed some Tampa Bay history, right?