Shannon Sharpe believes there’s a 2% chance that Floyd Mayweather steps into the Octagon with Conor McGregor

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Shannon Sharpe reacts to Dana White's claim that a Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor UFC bout will occur in the future. Shannon: "I'm a Floyd fan, but I know Floyd can't beat Conor McGregor in that."

- Shannon, what percent chance do you give Floyd of going to the UFC?

- Well, when I was drinking milk I only drunk 2%. So that's the kind of percentage I'm going to give Floyd of getting into that.

- 2%?

- Two. Two. Two.

- Dana says it's--

- I don't care what Dana says.

- It's going to happen. Floyd all but says it's going to happen.

- This is now-- what they're doing is like drumming up, "Oh man, Floyd." And Floyd keeps putting it out there. And like last time they said something wasn't going to happen. And ended up happening. And it was cosmic. It sounds like a good idea, Skip. And the thing that made Conor and Floyd so compelling is that Conor really wanted this fight, but Conor had a boxing background. So that was the only thing he was going to have to worry about was Floyd's fists. Floyd does not have a wrestling background. He doesn't have a jujitsu background. Or a muay tai background. So he has to worry about other things.

See, it's easier to go from MMA to boxing, as opposed going boxing to MMA because there are so many other things. Skip, you've got to worry about leg strikes, you've got to worry about somebody taking you down, you've got to worry about somebody arm barring you, and choking the daylights out of you. In the boxing ring, you don't have to worry about any of that. And remember when Conor would move to the back of Floyd? The guy you call "Dirty Byrd," Robert Byrd--

- What did he do?

- He broke it up.

- Broke it up.

- Yeah.

- We got to start over in the middle ring. No, he had him in trouble. What are you doing?

- Floyd does not have any expertise in any of those. And the thing is Skip, when you look at fighters that have made multiple title defenses. Let's just go back over the past decade in that sport, they're multifaceted. You look at Anderson Silva, you look at St. Pierre, you look at Demetrius Johnson. OK, all those guys can do other things. What can Floyd do besides box? So what happens--

SKIP BAYLESS: He can run. He can run.

- They're not on the track.

- He's a marathon runner, man.

- It doesn't matter. Because here's the thing though Skip, you can't run in the octagon because the referee will deduct points because you have to have the action. So you can't stall. So no, he has to fight.

SKIP BAYLESS: Maybe they tweak the rules a little bit.

- They're not going to tweak no rules. They are going to fight by UFC rules. UFC rules, you know what happens when you get into that octagon. Skip, I know you--

- How about this? No takedowns. Would you like that?

- No.

- Would you do it then?

- No.

- No takedowns. No wrestling.

- No. I want UFC rules. UFC rules, you know what they are. It was just like boxing rules, they made no concessions because Conor McGregor was not a professional boxer. They made none, so they will make none if Floyd were to go into the UFC. But like you, a lot of people will buy this fight because they want to see pain inflicted on Floyd Mayweather. They're not like, "Oh they think this is going to be a good fight." They want him to get punished because they don't like him, because he's arrogant, he's boastful, he's braggadocios, he's always flaunting his operatives, which I don't have a problem with. And so-- oh, you want me to key, key, key, key. You think that's funny. That's what you want. You know good and well, Skip Bayless.

- Wait, you don't think Floyd's fans want to see Floyd go onto Conor's turf and shut him up?

- No.

- You don't think they think he's boastful, and arrogant, and racist, and all of the above?

- Yeah. I'm a Floyd fan, but I know Floyd can't beat Conor McGregor in that.

- You should have more faith in your man. Hand-to-hand combat on his turf, his rules, shut him up.

- Yeah, and if that-- Skip, in UFC, UFC is basically like street fighting. And when you street fight nobody is going to say, "Aw man, that wasn't fair." Anything goes in a street fight. Basically, anything goes in there, Skip .

- Yeah. Except you can't poke in the eye.

- OK He can't eye gouge him. He can't hit him in his crotch. And he can bite him.


- Other than that.

SKIP BAYLESS: That's fair.

- And you can't knee him in the head when he's on the ground.

- OK. Good. So the 2% is what in your mind's eye, you don't want to have happen. So you're saying it's 2%, but I think if you step back and be objective about this, you'd say it's 90% it is going to happen.

- No, I want 100% not for it to happen.

- No, then it is going to happen. To me, I'm 75%, 25% pro on this one that is going to happen yesterday, last night. And then the more I read, the more I hear the quotes-- because Dana's just flat out saying this is going to happen. And when Dana White says it's going to happen, I'm taking it to the bank. When Floyd all bet says it's going-- he's saying, I'm going to fight in the Octagon. I'm going to unretire," he told Jim Gray. Why wouldn't I think it's going to happen?

Now, he's already negotiating. He says it will be at 145, which will be at the top of featherweight in UFC. Conor as late as 2015 twice fought at featherweight, 145. So could Conor get down? That would Floyd some advantage if he could get Conor more down at his size. You know, wear him out before the fight.

SHANNON SHARPE: But here's the thing, Conor probably walks around at about 175.

SKIP BAYLESS: I don't think he's that big. I don't.

SHANNON SHARPE: Floyd walks around at about 150. But going down, Conor makes that weight. When he rehydrates and puts food back in the system, he's going to be 160, 165.

SKIP BAYLESS: All right, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, right?

SHANNON SHARPE: Man, go ahead on with that antiquated analogy. Ain't nobody who's the bigger they are-- I know it, Skip. You know what? You need to stop. Here's the thing, Floyd Mayweather has spent two decades trying to avoid the big shots. And he's done a great job of that. But the two decades that he's been inside that square of avoiding the big shot can be undone in a matter of minutes in the Octagon. You know that. I know that.

- Yeah, but what a great exclamation point at the end of his career.

- He don't need it.

- Yes he does. This would be it. This would be the final stamp on his greatness. "I even went into the UFC, into the Octagon, and I beat their best at his best."

SHANNON SHAPRE: How about this here? What could Jordan have done after the walk off? After he hit the polls? How did that work out for him in Washington?

- OK.

- OK then.

- He took off three years.

- Floyd Mayweather for his 50th win, he knocked the guy out who Skip Bayless said was the baddest man on the planet. So how do you top that?

- Well, you go take him on on his rules.

- No yo don't

- Yeah you do.

- No you don't.

- Why not?

- Because Skip, you know he can't win. Skip, look at me. Look, I want to ask you one thing. Do you want him to get punted that bad that-- you know how it's going to end. Skip, I'll give you $1,000.

- I'm intrigued. I'm intrigued.

- No you're not intrigued.

- He's the greatest defensive fighter ever.