Shannon Sharpe: ‘By the time LeBron hits 38, he’ll be the all-time leader in NBA points scored. He will have 40,000.’

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Shannon Sharpe lauds Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James defiance of the aging process. Has there ever been an athlete who has aged like LeBron has?

- [INAUDIBLE], did you see what he did? Did you-- wait, hold on. I'm going tell you something moving forward, and this goes back about two weeks. If you're a foreign big man, if you're from-- if you're from Yugoslavia or you're from Lithuania or you're from the Ukraine, if you a big man, you 6' 10" or above and you plan on challenging one LeBron James at the rim, you're getting chalked up.

So let that be-- hey, let that be a lessen to you. So let it go.

- So are you say LeBron's like ugly American?

- Yeah, yeah, he anti-foreign big man.


- Oh, he's body bagging all of them.

- He's body bagging, except Ilyasova was so OK in the fourth quarter. He had eight points and five rebounds and two assists, and he stepped to the free-throw line and made the two at the end of the game, the winning free throws.

SHANNON SHARPE: What about that first one?

- He made them both.

- What about that first one that hit every part of the rim and bounced in?

- Did it go in?

- Yeah. Oh see, [INAUDIBLE]. See, why you do that Skip?

- Did he get to go to your restaurant after the game? Yes, business was open for him.

- You make it seem like he just swished it like a Steph Curry.

SKIP BAYLESS: But it went in.

- You know it hit-- it did Skip, it went-- but I'm just talking about-- I'm talking about my guy, LeBron James, in year 15, is body bagging folks like we've never seen before at any point of his career.

- When you, quote, unquote, body bag a foreign big man, does that mean the game's over and you win?


- So that means he body bagged Nurkic and he lost and he body bagged Ilyasova and he lost.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, he got a bunch--

- That's interesting.

- He got some other ones too.


- Yeah, oh yeah.

- And somehow they bounced right back to life just like--

SHANNON SHARPE: And Belinelli--

- --zombies.

SHANNON SHARPE: Skip, you know what the thing--

- Belinelli played nine minutes of the fourth quarter. So there's another veteran. Brett Brown's saying, I'm going to play my veterans.

- But the thing is is that you-- look, it's not the fact that they were hitting three shots. It was the degree of difficulty in which they were making those shots. Belinelli was shooting threes and JJ was shooting threes like JR Smith. You know those ones he's falling out of bounds?

SKIP BAYLESS: You're talking about in the first half?

- Yeah, but I'm saying--

- Because remember, in the fourth quarter Philly went 1 for 10 from the three-point line. And the one was a dagger from JJ.

SHANNON SHARPE: JJ, right. That was the one they had an opportunity to get the ball and possibly tie the game. But Skip, if you're going to tell me Belinelli and Reddick and all those guys are going to be taking three-point shots like JR and they're going to be splashing, well I might have to worry about it.

But I've got a guy. And what I've seen over the last two months-- now you say two months is a long stretch. That's a big block of time Skip Bayless. He's averaged a triple-double. He just went 44, 11, and 11. That's his second 40-point triple-double this season. So I know he's capable of that in a seven-game series, because we saw him average a triple-double in a five-game series. We also saw him average 35, 13, and 9 in a six-game series. So I know what this young man is capable of, and so do you.


- So be on your best behavior.

- He's not a young man anymore.

- Oh yeah. Oh, I can't tell. Can you tell?

- Saturday night he wished he was 40 because Ginobili tied Michael Jordan for most double-digit games at age 40 with 29 games. That was Ginobili, who should be the Sixth Man of the Year--

- Well first of all LeBron--

- --and tweeted that, sorry LeBron, you're not 40. So--


- --I'm sure LeBron was thinking, maybe I could do this.

- LeBron will never know what it's like, because LeBron's not going to be playing at 40. Because by the time the LeBron hit 38-- when LeBron hits 38, he will be the all-time leader in NBA points scored. He will have 40,000.

SKIP BAYLESS: Here is the--