Skip Bayless apologizes to the city of Philadelphia

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Reflecting on the Cleveland Cavaliers falling to the Philadelphia 76ers 132-130, Skip Bayless explains to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor how Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and the rests of the Sixers could position themselves in the 2018 NBA playoffs to seriously challenge LeBron's Cavs for supremacy of the East.

- What if game seven of the Eastern Conference finals winds up in Philadelphia? What if?

- I'm going to Vegas and I'm putting 100 racks--


- I'm putting 100 racks on Bron.

- 100 racks?

- Yeah.

- I think game seven of the Eastern Conference finals is going to be played in Philadelphia. So we had the Eagles, then we had Villanova, and now it's--

- Stop trying to speak it into existence!

- I don't know! It's just, like, something is going on here to the point that I must admit I owe the city of Philadelphia an apology. And I'm serious about this. Because I've been saying all year long, the Eastern Conference is yet another LeBron James cake walk to the finals. And I was overlooking that little young team that I thought was a year away in Philadelphia. And

I was fixated on those Raptors who shrank at the sight of the Beast of the East when he steps on the court, be it in Toronto or in Cleveland. When LeBron steps on the court, the Raptors are basically done.

And I was fixated on the decimated Boston Celtics because I gave Kyrie and company a chance. And then Gordon Hayward goes down in game one at Cleveland. And now, Kyrie is lost for the whole playoffs. So I got too caught up in that, and I didn't see the forest for those two seven-foot trees named Embiid and Ben Simmons.

And all of a sudden, I'm thinking, wait a second now. Wait. If Philly finishes it out by winning their last 16 games in the regular season, that means they eclipse Lebron's team for the three seed in the East, and they would have home court advantage in a potential Eastern Conference finals match-up?

- I don't believe that's going to be the case, because I believe the Cavaliers will win tonight in New York, win again at home against the Knicks. They play the Milwaukee Bucks. See, everybody--

SKIP BAYLESS: But it's in Philly.

- But here's the thing, Skip. Everybody's trying to position themselves. Everybody really wants to be the seven seed. They want the Boston Celtics in the first round. So they're trying to stay out of the eight seed and have to deal with Toronto.

So everybody's, like, positioning-- but Milwaukee lose, that means Washington can win, and they would go to the seven slot. And then here comes Milwaukee at the the eight. Milwaukee, all things, you really want to see the Celtics minus Kyrie, minus Gordon Hayward. So they have something to play for.

- OK. But still, it's looking like Phily's going to win out, unless you tell me they're going to lose in Atlanta or lose to the Bucks at home, right?

- I just said that-- the Bucks.

- So you say the Bucks are going to win at Philadelphia in the last game, because why? Because they have more incentive?

- Because here's the thing. They're right-- and they're in the seven slot now. The seven would played the two, which are the Celtics. You really want to stay there. They lose, guess who gets in the eight slot? The Wizards.

So now, they go back-- the Bucks would go from seven to eight. Now you get Toronto in the first round as opposed to having to play the Celtics minus Kyrie, minus Gordon Hayward.

- So wait a second. You're saying if the last game-- the 82nd game-- is at Philadelphia, that the Sixers are going to say, we give up. We don't really--


- --want home court advantage--

- No!

SKIP BAYLESS: --against LeBron in the Eastern Conference finals?

- No. No, I'm saying the Milwaukee Bucks are going to win.

SKIP BAYLESS: Oh, really?

- Yeah, that's what I said!

- Could we have a case of Dew on that, because you owe me one from the weekend? But that's OK.

- You didn't want to bet that one!

- I did! I took it!

- I don't know.

- I couldn't believe you threw it at me!

- No, no. We gotta play the tape on that.

- I said yes!

- OK, yeah, I'll give it to you. No, you said you didn't want it, because they wouldn't have a beat.

- Well, I'm going to give it back to you. Can we have a bet? If both teams win their 81st game-- let's just say that has to happen first. Because I don't know, maybe the Sixers go blow one. Atlanta is weird. Atlanta can rise up and win at Utah [INAUDIBLE]

- No, they just beat some-- oh, they just beat--


- No, they beat Utah, but they just beat Boston in Boston.

- OK, that's not a big accomplishment at this point.

- But if you're saying that Atlanta's tanking, that's a huge accomplishment.

- But I'm saying, if both win their 81st game, we got a case to Dew. I got the Sixers at home against Milwaukee in the 82nd game.

SHANNON SHARPE: I'm just going to tell--

- Deal?

- I'm saying the Cleveland Cavaliers, when it's all said and done-- 81st, 82nd-- the Cavaliers will be in three seed. So how that happens, I really don't care.

- OK, I'll just do that then. I will bet you that the Sixers wind up with the three seed. Deal?