Skip Bayless calls Conor McGregor attacking a bus of fighters at UFC media day ‘fight hype’

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In his conversation with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor about Conor McGregor attacking a bus of fighters at UFC 223 media day, Skip Bayless shares his opinion on the incident. Conor McGregor was later charged with three counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of felony criminal mischief.

- You just got took by Conor McGregor. He did it again. It was brilliant. Maybe it went a little over the top, a little over the edge. Maybe-- I'm sure he didn't mean to-- shatter the windshield in such a way that it would lacerate one fighter's face and get some little shards of glass in the other fighter's eye and cancel two fights. This was nothing in the end but Don King Memorial fight hype building to a crescendo. McGregor-Mayweather 2, which will take place in the octagon under MMA rules. That's what just happened.


It was beautiful. It was brilliant. And I'm sure Dana-- as we just saw, Dana's very upset. He's genuinely upset about this because it became a bad look because it just went a little far. But there is method to Dana's madness because he knows what made $100 million dollars for Conor McGregor the first time in the boxing ring-- and, what, $300 million for Floyd-- will make $300 million for Conor McGregor this time in the octagon.

And God knows how much for Floyd Mayweather-- Money Mayweather-- in the octagon because it could be $600 million, $800 million-- God knows how many million-- because this will be the biggest fight, the richest fight, in the history of this planet. And it's going to take place in the octagon. And Dana keeps warning you-- I'm telling you, I'm telling you, I'm telling you.

So back to your original point. Is Conor McGregor basically just a street thug? Yep. All those terms you used-- it seems like they call him Yobbos over there, hooligans, whatever you want to call them. Did he grow up that way? You better believe it.

I'm going to remind you-- it was just five years ago that Conor McGregor, in Dublin, Ireland, was collecting welfare checks as a product of that neighborhood called Crumlin, which is actually just a south side suburb of Dublin. And it has seen some of the worst gang fighting in the history of Ireland. He grew up in those gang fights.

And I will remind you, just five months ago, Conor McGregor was bold enough, in a pub one night after I'm sure he'd had a few too many-- he was guilty of punching a known a mafia member in the face, an older man, who was the father of a son-- long story-- another one of those, I'm going to get even with you.

And reportedly, ESPN reported there's been a bounty on Connor's head by the Irish mafia-- the Irish mob-- for the last five months. So he lives in this world. So is he capable of bringing-- [INAUDIBLE]?

SHANNON SHARPE: They don't have no mob hit on him, Skip. You know how the mob work. When they send for you, they come get you. So they ain't got none.

SKIP BAYLESS: Supposedly they're trying to strong arm him into paying for protection from the mob. And I don't know if he actually paid or not, but he had to up his bodyguard number around him. And so, that's been going on. So is he capable of the kind of-- what did Dana call it-- 20 hoodlums with him? That kind of retaliation? Yeah.

But back to your original point-- reportedly, and I watched the video this morning-- there is this confrontation between his teammate and [INAUDIBLE]-- I'll call him Khabib.

- (LAUGHING) Khabib. I can't either, Skip.

SKIP BAYLESS: I think it's a Nurmagomedov. I think I got that right. [INAUDIBLE]. But there was a confrontation.

Go watch the whole video. I dare you, because I don't even see-- there's supposedly a slap. But I can't see a slap on the video.

So they're going back and forth. And a lot-- they're both Russian-- and I don't understand, but then I try to read a transcript of it. And there were the basic insults that you've been a part of your whole life. It goes back and forth.

And I'm not sure that that reached the depths that would ignite Conor McGregor to do what you said and get on a plane and fly, whatever it is, seven hours from--

SHANNON SHARPE: 6 hours and 40 minutes, to be exact.


- With no delays.

- I looked it up and it was 7 and 1/2, so maybe I looked at a slower plane.

- Well, he's on private.

- Private?

- Yeah.

- But then, if you're really going to get even with Khabib, wouldn't you go find him in the hotel? Or wouldn't you do it quietly? Wouldn't you just go take care of business instead of going to the media day at the Barclays Center ahead of UFC Day 23?

Wouldn't you do it quietly? If, in fact, that was your goal-- to shut him up, to take care of him-- wouldn't you do it somewhere besides at the media availability?

SHANNON SHARPE: But Skip, what did he think was going to happen? If you pick up a dollar and throw it through a window when people were on the bus. Talking about he didn't mean for that to happen-- what do we--?

- An explosion-- a nuclear explosion of publicity is going to happen, because you know with cell phone cameras, it's going to get videotaped. There are all kinds of security cameras everywhere. You knew exactly what you were doing even if it did obviously go a little far.

But he's just-- it's like pro-wrestling. I mean, you're going to throw things at the windshield. And you don't intend to hurt anybody in the bus, but you want to do some damage to the bus.