Josh Norman on Dez Bryant still being an elite WR

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Washington Redskins CB Josh Norman joins Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor to discuss conference rival Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant. Josh talks Dez Bryant being an elite WR in the league.

- Josh Norman. I'm going to explain that the team that you say is going to fight for third in the division, the Dallas Cowboys, are four and 0 against Josh Norman while he's in Washington. How is that possible?

- You know, Skip, I got to agree with you on that. That is probably the thing that is the sharp, double-edged sword, right here. Every time we play those guys, it's-- I don't know, man. The luck of the Irish is with them. I'm just-- I'm going to have to drink my water on that one.

- Let me as you a question.

- Wait, wait a second. On Dez Bryant--

- I know they're your team, Skip. I know they're your team.

- Go ahead.

- No, go ahead. Go ahead.

- Because to us, he has become a shell of himself. And you do do a number on Dez Bryant when you play him. That's not the issue. So what do you see that is left in Dez Bryant?

- He has a lot left in the tank. It's what he wants to get out of it, that's the thing. I mean, he can be whatever he wants to be. Now here, I'm going to down the man. I'm not going to down him.

He plays the game at the highest level. I think, for him, it's all between here. Once he figures that out and once he feels that, when I step on the field, I'm going to dominate, whether it's Josh Norman or a rookie that's coming into the league, no matter.

- But do you fear Dez could run by you anymore?

- Do I fear him? I don't fear nobody.

- Why you talk about-- why you talk about it's in here. It's year nine. Why Dez still got to figure it out up in here?

- Everybody got to figure that out.

- No, no, not in year nine. Stop, Josh. Josh, be real now. Come on, Josh.

- I'm still figuring out how--

- Josh, Josh, look, I'm not saying-- I'm not saying get up here-- I'm not saying get up here and beat Dez Bryant.

- No. Look--

- Dez Bryant is not the same guy.

- OK. If you want to say that. It's about want to. You know that. It's about want to.

- Still making-- he about to make 12 and 1/2 million dollars.

- OK, they paid him. They paid him. But at the end of the day, I feel like Dez, he's going-- he's a person they can get streaky. He gets streaky. When he gets streaky, he's going to--

- Yeah, he's been streaky since 2014, Josh!

- Hey, man, guess what. It's a new season this year. So maybe he can come up with something different.

- So I'm just going forget 2015, '16, '17?

- I don't think nobody is forgetting that. Don't get me wrong. Nobody's forgetting that.

- So what leads you to believe he can get streaky and offend again?

- I don't know. I think that he has been taking measures and steps to get his game better. I mean, everybody has been taking measures and steps to get his game better. If I'm not mistaken, I heard he's going to be working out with a new coach or something like that. I mean, you heard that? Have you heard that?

- Working out with a coach.

- Right. And that's what I'm saying. So have you not heard that?

- Yeah.

- I mean, I think we all heard that. So at the end of the day, that's giving yourself prepared for the season that's coming ahead, getting yourself better. You didn't do something last year. And it obviously gave you this output. So you're doing something different this year, give you a better one.

I mean, at the end of day, we all out here trying to win this game right here that these guys won, obviously, in our division. I hate that they did win it. I wish we could have done it. But we're preparing ourselves for that.

That's why, you know, I'm trying to do different things in my regimen, because I'm not trying to look at the person and say, who can make this excuse for me, who can make that excuse me. Why don't you be that guy to come out there and make that play and be like, why not me? Why not me come out here and do something to get our team and be above that level, so we can get there, you know?