Skip Bayless: ‘It’s pretty obvious LeBron is going to be a Sixer next year. I don’t see any other way around it’

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In his conversation with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless explains how it's obvious LeBron James is heading to Philadelphia in free agency to complete the process with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

- Shannon Sharpe, again attempting to change subjects off the subject of the morning, which is the Philadelphia 76ers, which have won 12 straight games. Anybody talking about that?

12 straight games, and to me it's pretty obvious LeBron James is going to be a Sixer next year. I don't see any other way around it.

- I do.

- I don't.

- I do.

- Better team next year-- Sixers or Cavs? Like, take LeBron out of the supporting cast-- like, supporting cast in Cleveland or team what in Philly?

- What about that ping pong ball lands on number one for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

- Maybe.

- OK.

- It's a long shot, though.

- No, it's not. It was a long shot they got Kyrie.

- Yeah.

- It was a long shot they got Andrew Wiggins.

- I don't know if you are watching what's happening in Philadelphia, right now. But this isn't just a team on the verge. This team has verged. This team doesn't just have next. It is next. It's arrived. It's here. It's 12 in a row.

They've won 4 in a row without Embiid, who is expected back for game 1 of the playoffs. And right now, the Sixers-- the young, wait till next year Sixers-- they're tied with the Cavaliers in the East.

And the Cavs have a difficult, tricky little game at home tonight against Washington with John Wall back, and Washington always plays them tough. And the last time Washington went to Cleveland, remember what happened? They won.

- They won.

- So it's getting a little dicey here for the Cavs, because they could easily fall back to the 4 seed, behind the Sixers.

- Since we that shake-up, how have they been looking?

- Really good.

- Oh, OK.

- Since they've had their shake-down in Philly, how have they been looking without Embiid?

- You want some do on that game on Friday night? Don't they play-- when do they play? Saturday?

- Yeah, but there's no Embiid.

- Whoa, whoa, you just-- no, hold on.

- The do is going to come if these teams meet in the Eastern Conference finals.

- No, you were just tooting the horn of the Sixers and how they've won 4 games without Joel Embiid.

- They're without their best player. What are you talking about?

- But you didn't-- you're not saying that.

- But they're still winning games. But they haven't had to play the beast of the East.

- OK, then. That's what I wanted--

- What happened the last time? When was it, March 1st? That wasn't that long ago, just a month or so ago?

- Yeah.

- What happened when, with Embiid, and obviously, with Ben Simmons and company, they went to Cleveland? And what happened?

- They beat Cleveland.

- Help me out. They beat them soundly.

- This will be the fourth time playing. Can you tell me what-- so they're--

- They met in November and December. That was ancient history.

- Oh, it's now ancient history.

- Yeah, that's before this team has arrived.

- OK.

- So what are we looking at, here?

- I don't know, you tell me.

- I don't know if people have been focused on this, but all of the sudden, the Sixers have become the best defensive team in pro basketball. Have you been watching this?

The Sixers now hold opponents to the lowest shooting percentage in the NBA. Wow. They're 2nd overall in just defensive efficiency, but they're number 1 in the NBA in rebounding. Wow.

Best defensive team, best rebounding team, and they're turning into the best 3-point shooting team, because J.J. Is making 42%. And do you know my guy Marco Belinelli?

- Yeah, Belinelli.

- Belinelli.

- That was a great buy.

- Hey, did they not just pick him up?