Shannon Sharpe explains why LeBron joining Embiid and Simmons in Philly is a real possibility

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In his reaction to CJ MCCollum's comment on LeBron James joining Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons in Philadelphia next season is 'a bigger possibility than people think', Shannon Sharpe explains how King James going to Philly is an outstanding option.

- Can you see this happening?

- Yes, but I want to know, why is CJ McCollum commenting on what LeBron James could possibly do in free agency?

SKIP BAYLESS: Hmm. Tell me when it's my turn.

- It's not your turn yet. It said-- she said, Shannon. That's what was in the run-down-- Shannon will start this topic.

- That is true.

- I notice he didn't comment when Kevin Durant was going to be a free agent. He didn't say anything about that. But yes, Skip. I can see this happening. But I still believe Cleveland would be LeBron James' first choice. Now I don't-- I don't believe LeBron James has given it a passing thought. Because he's in the moment. You know in about a week, Skip, he's about to go Zero Dark Thirty.


- Yeah. You know what that means?

- So his thigh's OK.

- All communication will be-- will shut down. So he and I won't be able to DM-- you know, communicate back and forth.

- You don't need to DM. You can text.

- Wha-- what-- Skip.

- Or some people email. But not you.

- Why are you so up-- what-- can me and LeBron have our lines the communication the way we see fit? We've got a back channel-- make sure we, you know, nobody can see what we got going on.

- Back or bat?

- Back.

- A bat channel?

- Back channel.

- Yeah, all right. Are you going to let me finish, Skip? Or are you just going to keep interrupting me, because your team--

- I'm completely disrupting you.

- I believe Cleveland would be his first choice. But Philly is an outstanding option. 7' 2", Joel Embiid-- is he top three players in the Eastern Conference? I would say so-- no worse than top five. Ben Simmons is only going to get better. And here's the thing, Skip. LeBron James next year will be in year 16. And you know what happens after 16? 17, 18. You don't go 16, 15, 14. You don't start counting down. You go forward.

So moving forward, LeBron James could have someone to help him do the heavy lifting. The thing is-- with LeBron, and what people are upset about-- is LeBron James is the first mega, mega superstar that's had this power. Now guys have had power. Magic had it. Larry had it. Michael had it.

With the exception of Kareem, no one used their power like LeBron James has used his. Kareem forced his way up out of Milwaukee-- said, I don't want to be here. Let me go to LA. And that's what happened. LeBron James has this kind of power. And he swings the pendulum. He's giving guys-- other guys-- to say, you know, hold on. Wait a minute. LeBron James he's a Mount Rushmore player. He has a legacy that he has to worry about, and he doesn't have any problems leaving.

So LeBron James, he-- LeBron didn't really want to leave Cleveland, Skip. But he couldn't get players that he needed to come join him in Cleveland, so he went to South Beach. Got him a couple of titles down there, made Joy Taylor very happy. I think she must have forgotten that, because she's turned her back on us now. But that's OK.

- Wait, you mean--

- I'm not a LeBron fan. I'm a Heat fan.

- Yeah, well good luck-- how's that working out for you?

- Unlike you, I actually am loyal to the teams that I root for.

- I'm loyal-- I'm the-- hey.

- And say it correctly-- Dwyane got him a couple of times.


- Yes, thank you.

JOY TAYLOR: Preach the truth.

- As-- as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, twice--

SKIP BAYLESS: You asked for her to interrupt.

- No, I didn't.

- Yes, you did.

- Skip.

- Thank you, Skip.

- This is a young roster. JJ Redick now-- I don't know if JJ Redick could possibly be on that roster at $23 million a year. They gave him that kind of money, Skip, because they have a ton of salary cap space. If LeBron James comes, he's going to eat up some of that salary cap space. But he could be Kyle Korver-- we know how LeBron loves 3-point shooters. So Saric is there. So they have-- they have guys and pieces around that would make LeBron very happy.

But here's the thing, when it's all said and done, LeBron James is looking at a situation-- who gives us the best chance to win? Name the free agent that had-- of LeBron, say over the last five years that's become available-- says, you know what? I think I'm going to go make the Charlotte Bobcats better. Or I'm going to go make the Milwaukee Bucks better.

Kevin Durant went and joined a 73 and 9 team that had gone to back-to-back finals. Why did he do that? Because they gave him the best opportunity to win. Why in the hell did LaMarcus Aldridge go to San Antonio? Because they gave him the best opportunity to win. CJ, newsflash, that's normally how it works.


- Guys are trying to win. So you enjoy that third seed, getting bumped in the first round, and holler at us in a little bit.