Skip and Shannon react to Robert Griffin III signing a 1-yr deal with the Baltimore Ravens

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BREAKING NEWS: Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to Robert Griffin III signing a 1-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens.

- You're speechless.

- I'm really at a loss, guys.

- Yeah.

- I don't begrudge RG3. I'm happy that he got an opportunity.


- But we know Colin Kaepernick did not sign with the Ravens last year for non-football reasons. And for anyone in that organization to tell you otherwise would be disingenuous. They would be misspeaking the truth.

So congratulations. Hopefully RG3 can stay healthy. But again, here's a guy that's not conventional. So you're going to have to have two offenses.

And you know, Skip, there's only so much practice time. You don't really need two offenses, so I don't really-- I'm just saying, I don't know, Skip. I don't know.

- So to me, this feels like a rather pathetic response to the criticism this organization took for not signing Colin Kaepernick. Oh, well, we got Robert Griffin. And last seen in Cleveland, the Robert Griffin I used to know and love, pre-draft, going back to the Luck draft, I couldn't recognize that guy in Cleveland. Could you?

And after his knee injury, he just got worse and worse and worse. And he wanted to become a pocket passer. And Joe Flacco, RG3-- and I don't think they really belong in the same pocket, right?

- And they still got Ryan Mallett. I mean, if you--

- Well, I guess. He's a free agent. But they could have him. Look, like I said, I don't begrudge RG3.

SKIP BAYLESS: Neither do I.

- An opportunity presents itself. You go try to take full advantage of it. But let's not pretend that Colin Kaepernick is not in the NFL for any other reason. Because the reason has been abundantly clear from the start. It has nothing to do--

- No doubt.

- --with his ability to play quarterback.

- No doubt.

- And that's what's a shame. It's sad.

- And almost as sad as what's happened to Robert Griffin. So I hope he can rebuild his career.

- Yes. Well, I hope he can stay healthy.