Shannon Sharpe reacts to New England trading Brandin Cooks to the Rams

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In his reaction to the New England Patriots trading Brandin Cooks to the Los Angeles Rams, Shannon Sharpe reveals to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor why he thinks the Patriots made a mistake trading one of Tom Brady's top receivers.

- Skip, I'm going to have to answer it like this. Today, as I sit here, I do not like the move, because I believe they got worse today than they were yesterday. It's hard for me to believe that they can select someone at 23 that's going to give them better production than what Brandin Cooks did.

See, Brandin Cooks is a known commodity. We know what he would do. 1,000 yards in receiving. Only Randy Moss has more before his 25th birthday. Randy had four. Brandin Cooks has three. So we know he is a known commodity.

23rd, the 31st-- well, the 23rd, the one they got from the Rams, we don't know the player that they're going to select. And we don't know what he'll be. So 50% of the draft picks, what, turned out to be bust. Brandin Cooks is far from that. So we know what he is, Skip.

But here's the thing. This is what the Patriots do. The Patriots have a number, whatever position you play. And if you go above that number, Skip, they're going to move on without you. Now, see what has happen-- and I fault Tom Brady. And I don't fault Tom Brady for a lot, but I fault him for this. And this is why--

They love him, but they hate that he did this. Tom Brady has always taken less than market value for his position, Skip. And so Coach Belichick can always fall back on him. If the greatest player in our franchise history, arguably the greatest player in NFL history, will play for less than market value, how does Brandin Cooks, how does any other player go to the Patriots and say, I want market value?

But what it had now-- tomorrow, I might feel differently. Skip, they got the tackle. They got the bait to go big fish hunting now, because they got five of the top 95 selections in this NFL draft.

The Giants have made it abundantly clear what it would take for us to entertain an offer for Odell Beckham. Do they move these picks and go get a quarterback? Tom Brady didn't like Jimmy Garoppolo. He's going to hate that move.

So as I sit here right now, Skip, I don't love it. Ask me tomorrow or two weeks from now when they do something with this-- all this bait that they have, then I might like it. But I think they're worse off today than they were yesterday.