Clyde Drexler reveals whether LeBron is close to passing Michael Jordan as the GOAT

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Clyde Drexler and Ice Cube from the BIG 3 league join Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor on Undisputed to discuss LeBron James passing MJ's 867-game scoring record. Clyde weighs in, revealing 'LeBron made it to the Finals with a couple of guys we can't even remember and Jordan had Hall of Famers playing with him'. Does this put LeBron closer to passing MJ as the GOAT?

- All right, go ahead, talk to them, Clyde.

- Well, I played against Michael, and Michael was phenomenal. I mean, there's nothing I can say. I love the guy. Absolute great character.

- Wait, is there a but to this?

- No, there's no--

- OK.

- But you know, you've got to look at eras. Michael dominated his era. LeBron dominated his era. I'm one of those guys who don't like to compare eras. You just have to do what's in front of you. And look at LeBron's numbers, you look at Michael's numbers, they're very similar. LeBron, I think he made it to the finals with a couple of guys that we can't even remember. Michael had hall of famers playing with him. Think about that.

- Well, how did LeBron dominate his era when he's 3-5 5 in the NBA finals? 3-5? He's lost five finals.

- But he's gone to eight finals.

- Hold up. But here's the thing, though. See, this is what Skip always does. You know, they didn't start just playing finals in '91.


- Jordan came in in '84. They were playing finals in the '80s. And he'd never win. Why?

- Well, wait. It took him seven years to break through. It took LeBron nine years to break through.


- Why, Shannon, why?

- Because LeBron was 18 when he came in the league. He got to the finals at 23. Michael was a grown, grown man at 28, 29 making it.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, they made him stay at Carolina.

- What, they made him?

- Yeah, they did.

- LeBron was too good. They said, you got to go. So no college would accept LeBron James because he was too good to play.

- Yep. So what happened in the 2011 finals? Explain that one to me.

- I love how you take-- he take one moment, 2011.

- One moment? It was six games.

- OK, so what-- OK, what about-- what about 2012?

- Uh-huh. Why are you just changing the subject? You didn't explain 2011.

SHANNON SHARPE: You see-- but see--

- Wait, wait, wait, wait a second. It was the biggest superstar meltdown we have ever witnessed on the big stage. He just-- he just shrank. I don't know what happened. They were up 2 games to 1 and he just melted.

- In '81, when the Celtics won the championship, who was the Finals MVP? Larry Bird had 8 points, 2 games. What in hell that got to do with you? Because they won. Do you see what you did there? This is a team--

- Do you think Larry Bird shrank in that finals? Because I watched it. I didn't think--

- What is 8 points? What is 8 points? The dude was Rookie of the Year with 33 to three vote.

SKIP BAYLESS: He was a rookie.

- Yeah!

- It was his first year in the league.

- No, his second. So I'm just trying to figure out, Skip-- he had 8 points in an NBA finals game. Cornbread Maxwell-- Cedric Cornbread Maxwell-- was the Finals MVP. When LeBron James' team wins a final, is it even close who's the MVP? The man averaged a triple double and took the ale.

- On mental toughness, I'll take Larry Bird over LeBron James any night.

- Are we talking about LeBron James versus Cornbread Maxwell, or we talking about LeBron versus Jordan? Because Jordan walked away with them MVPs.

- So let me ask you a question-- so what happened from '84, '85, '86, '87, '88 '89 and '90? Why wasn't Michael Jordan in the finals? Was he not in the NBA then?

- Yeah, he was in the NBA.

- So what happened? Why wasn't he there?

- Wasn't good enough.

- Whoa, whoa! What do you mean he wasn't good-- a super hero? What super hero gets beat?

- The team he was playing with wasn't good enough.

- You see what he did? You see what he--

CLYDE DREXLER: Now, it's a team game.

- Now, it's a team game!

- I mean, look, listen, listen, listen-- Jordan was always good enough.


- He scored 63 points in a playoff game, and he just-- he had-- I think he played with us four.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, he took the collar.

- But still, when he got to it, he did his thing.

- Yeah. Because what did he have? Team. Now, which guy that he played with-- that LeBron has played with-- is Dennis Rodman? No, I need-- you know what I need? I need Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, or Red Auerbach. I need one of them as my coach. So which one's going to coach LeBron?

- I mean, you know, LeBron played with D. Wade. He played with Chris Bosh. He played with some great people.

CLYDE DREXLER: And he won two championships with those guys.

- Oh, really?