Skip Bayless on Villanova’s Donte DiVincenzo: I see more NBA ability in him than I see in Trae Young

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In his reaction to Villanova winning their 2nd title after dominating the Michigan Wolverines to win the 2018 Men's NCAA basketball title, Skip Bayless reveals to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor how Donte DiVincenzo's performance was the key to their title win. Also, Skip explains why he thinks DiVincenzo has more NBA ability than Oklahoma's Trae Young.

SKIP BAYLESS: I'm a University of Oklahoma fan, both football and basketball. But Trae Young-- I've been watching Trae Young all year. I gotta tell you, every time I watch this kid, I see more NBA ability in Donte DiVincenzo than I see in Trae Young. Trae Young's a willowy 6'2". This kid's 6'5" now. He's 6'5".

Trae Young's 6'2" and has a hard time finishing. Does this kid have a hard time finishing? He does not.

- No, either hand.

- Right? He's explosive. He looks like he's got some strength. He's older, because he's a third year, as you say. He broke his foot when he was a freshman.

But let's look at Collin Sexton. I watched him-- I don't know-- four or five times. I watched him against these guys. This kid's better than Collin Sexton. I know Collin Sexton's only 19. But I saw more from him.

And that Gilgeous-Alexander who plays for Kentucky-- I do like him, and he's a Canadian kid. But he's long. He's got, like, seven-foot wingspan. And I like him at 6'6". But those are the three lottery picks at sort of point guard, shooting guard. OK?

- Trae Young-- I don't know what Trae Young's going to be. But if you just take ability for ability, Trae Young can't touch this kid.


- He can't touch this kid.

- He can't touch him. Think of what you're just saying. For much of the year, Trae Young was the runaway player of the year.

- Right. Think about, too, Skip-- they fed him coming down the lane. He doesn't lay it up. He stuffs it.

SKIP BAYLESS: Slammed it-- nasty slammed it.

- I'm like, y'all better get him! It's too late. Did them in-- Dante the Inferno DiVincenzo.

- Yep. He is.

- Cooked them. They let Opie cook him! They let him cook him!

- And as you know, it's not that easy to come off the bench cold into a national championship game and just say, flip that switch. And he just took-- he gets the ball in his hands and the first shot, he just says, I'm up!

- And he just elevate-- and the thing is, Skip-- but what they do with him is that they bring him in at the first time out, and he plays the rest of the first quarter-- I mean, the first half.

- He plays starter minutes.

- Yeah, yeah, right. So when you look at-- like, it's a 40-minute ball game, and you look at it, and he's played 35 minutes. You're like-- but look at it, and he's a roll player.

But I don't really know how-- last night, when he got it going like that, and he can raise up from 23, and if you hug up on him, he can go by you, I don't really know what you do. And like Coach Beilein said from Michigan, even if we play our best game, I don't know we beat them because of him doing what he's doing--

SKIP BAYLESS: That is correct.

- --at that point in time. Maybe it's close. It's not a 19-point game, Skip. But I don't see how Michigan wins that game with the way he's playing.

- There's no way. So Trae Young's got a little, like, push set shot that he shoots kind of from the floor, and he's got a quick release, but he can shoot it from 30 feet.

SHANNON SHARPE: This kid's elevated.

- This kid is rising.

SHANNON SHARPE: He's elevated.

- He's going up and shooting it at an apex. It's hard. One time, they had two Michigan kids on him, and he just went right up between them and shot it, untouched-- you know, unscathed. [SCOFFS]

- And think about-- the player of the year, Brunson, had a horrible game. He made his first two shots. And then he just missed, like, everything since.

SKIP BAYLESS: He wasn't very good. He just plays hard, though, man.

- Yeah. The player of the year, and they beat you by 19. He plays any type of ball game. And they got-- everybody can come back. Now, I believe probably Brunson and-- what-- Bridges, I think they're probably going to go pro. But Spellman is the only freshman. I don't know. I don't know, Donte. You might need to think about the NBA. I know Villanova--

- Yeah, so they're asking Jay right after the game, is he going to start next year? And I'm saying, who cares if he's going to start? Is he going to declare? That's what I want to know.

- Oh, if I'm Jay Wright, I'm saying, start for who? Some NBA team! He won't be starting for me! I mean, I'd love to have him back, but I recommend that he go!

- Seriously, you don't think he could come off the bench for an NBA team--

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, absolutely!

- --as the the sixth or seventh man-- the leader of the second unit-- and change the game?

- Yes! Yes! Absolutely.

- Big night for Donte.