The King’s Chase: Shannon Sharpe details why LeBron should be crowned MVP over James Harden

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In his discussion with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe explains how LeBron James has made a solid case for NBA MVP over Houston's James Harden. LeBron has averaged a triple-double since February 1st. Does LeBron still have a case to win MVP?

- How much has LeBron closed the gap in the MVP race?

- It should be neck and neck. Right now, it should be a dead heat.

- A dead heat?

- They should be neck and neck, Skip!

- Well, pick one! Pick somebody!

- Well, it better be--

SKIP BAYLESS: We don't need any dead heat.

- It better be LeBron. Considering what he's done-- OK, let's look at it from-- and the term that you like to use, that you've used, hammered in my head almost as much as PER and QBR is some degree of difficulty. DOD-- degree of difficulty. You look at LeBron James's degree of difficulty.

He loses a four or five-time All-Star and all-NBA point guard. What does he get back in return? An injured point guard and a number one draft pick who's going to be DeAndre Ayton. But that's down the road.

But that pick didn't turn out. LeBron James is averaging a career high in rebounds, a career high in assists. And since the All-Star break-- no, that was the middle of the month. Going back since February 1, LeBron James-- 29, 10, and 10. That's a lot of missed triple-dubs.

I know what everybody's saying. And see, we like narratives, Skip. And see, it's not just good enough to do something. We need storylines. And last year, the storyline was, aw, KD left Russ at the altar. Poor Russ. What's he going to do now, Joy?

He averages a triple-double. They give him the MVP, and maybe deservedly so. But they finish-- what? 47 wins? I think they were the fifth seed.

- Is LeBron going to average a triple-double this year?


- Well, I'm just asking.


- I don't think.

- --did I ask Skip? I didn't ask him to chime in, did I?

- I think--

- Did I open the door?

- I don't think he discovered the triple-double until too late or maybe he would have had a shot at this.

- Are you gonna let me talk?

- Yep.

- Can I talk now? Are you going to let--

- I'm just trying to explain--

- No, I don't want you to explain anything. And James Harden-- they added a Hall of Fame player in Chris Paul. They added quality guy in PJ Tucker. At the buy-out, they got Joe Johnson. So you would think they should have a better record than what they had last year if you add a Hall of Fame player, a multiple time All-Star, a multiple time first-team all-pro, both offensively and defensively. They should have a better record.

But James Harden is down in assists and rebounds from where he was last year. So if you're going to just-- I think they feel-- people are feeling sorry, kind of like you. Well, he finished second to Steph one year. And the players voted James Harden their MVP.

He finished second. It's almost like the Susan Lucci. You get tired of the guy finishing second, so you just go ahead and give it to him.

But no. LeBron James said, I deserve this award. And he's trumpeted it. And so now, it's my turn to pick up the baton and run with it LeBron James should be the MVP, considering, even when they had Kyrie, Skip-- if they can go four and one over these last five games, they will have the exact same record they had last year with Kyrie.

Given the fact that Kevin Love has missed six weeks due to injury, or Tristan Thompson's missed about two months because of the injury-- JR Smith-- you know, the last couple of games, he's played OK. But JR has not lived up to the money that we are paying him. So I need him to play like he's played these last couple of games moving forward. So in my estimations, LeBron James should be the MVP.