Skip on Mayweather: ‘Nothing would give him as much fame and fortune as fighting Conor McGregor in the Octagon’

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe talk about the possibility of a Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor UFC bout following Dana White's comments. Would Mayweather fare better on McGregor's turf than McGregor did on his?

- Double or nothing on this fight.

- Well, I'll tell you what. I'll give you $1,000 then.

- You'll give me $1,000--

SHANNON SHARPE: I'll just give you $1,000.

- --so you can avoid the humiliation of having to watch this?

SHANNON SHARPE: Yes, yes. Because I don't want it.

- Why don't you have more faith in your man?

- No, because that's not Floyd's expertise. Now, if he wants to step up in class and fight Woodley, if he wants to step up and go fight St-Pierre-- OK, then. Now we're talking about something. But I don't want to see somebody that-- that's not his expertise. He's never done this before.

- Shannon Sharpe.


- Bottom line. Floyd Mayweather Jr.-- addicted to two things, fame and fortune.


- And nothing in his whole, long 40 going on two-year-old life would ever give him as much fame and fortune as fighting Conor McGregor in the Octagon. Because it would be the biggest one-on-one sporting event in the history of the world. You know it, and I know it.

Because UFC has arrived. It has eclipsed boxing. And they made $300 million and $100 million. $300 to Floyd and $100 to Conor. Think of that. I just spit out those terms.


- But $300 million Floyd got? For how long did that fight last, 10 rounds?

SHANNON SHARPE: 30 minutes.

- Yeah, 30 minutes. He got $300 million for 30 minutes? And as Dana will tell you, nobody ever has enough money. And as Dana will tell you, because he worked for Floyd early in his career, nobody spends money faster than Floyd Mayweather Jr. So--

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, go box, Skip!

SKIP BAYLESS: Hey, can you imagine the buildup to this? It would be nuclear. It would be all you would hear about globally. This would be a global draw in the Octagon. UFC has arrived. Now Floyd is going to say, turnabout is fair play. I'm going to beat you at your own game.


- I beat you at my game. I'm going to beat you at your game.


- Yes.

SHANNON SHARPE: No. I get it, Skip. Like, OK, if Michael Jordan were to challenge Tiger Wood on the golf course, Tiger must give Michael strokes.


- But if they went to the basketball court, Jordan must give Tiger points. But in fighting, Skip, there is nothing. You don't give anybody-- say, well, your handicap is this. What you do, you go in there and you try to kick, land-- whatever it is-- to try to get the guy up out of there. That's not what Floyd is.

SKIP BAYLESS: You know what I think happened? This is what I believe.

SHANNON SHARPE: What you think happened?

- I believe that during that boxing match, that Floyd Mayweather Jr. looked into Conor McGregor's eyes. Because when you're staying toe-to-toe, jaw-to-jaw, you look in a man's eyes, and you look down into his soul. And he said, I can impose my will on this man.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yes, and with boxing gloves.

- With any gloves.


SKIP BAYLESS: Yes, that's what he decided, that he is inferior to me as a competitor. And this is a manhood thing, where he just decided, I'm better than he is. No matter what the rules are, as long as I can use these, I got you. And what happened-- I think he also, even though he was amused by Conor McGregor, I think Conor legitimately said some things that got way under Floyd's skin.