Skip Bayless on Kevin Durant’s latest ejection: ‘It looked like he wanted to get thrown out’

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In a passionate segment on Undisputed, Skip Bayless criticizes Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant for quitting on his team in the middle of a play and for not being the leader he should be with star guards Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson on the bench with injuries.

- So Kevin Durant is still clearly the best player on the planet.

SHANNON: No, he's not.

- When his mind is right. And last night his mind was really wrong. And I am extremely disappointed in a player I have constantly and consistently defended on this show versus the onslaught from you about how LeBron is still the best player on the planet, even though Kevin Durant was the MVP of last year's NBA finals. And shot the shot of shot right in Lebron's mug as he pulled up from the three point line and closed the deal on LeBron. So it was over in the finals last year.

- No, it was not.

- So Kevin has been hurt. He comes back in. And by the way, at halftime he had 10 points and 6 assists, which is pretty good.

- What did Giannis have?

- Because you don't have Steph Curry. You don't have Klay Thompson.

- He was guarding Giannis. What did Giannis have? Read those stats what Giannis had.

- They were getting out on the break. If you get them out on the break, get them, let him run.

- Why Kevin Durant letting him get out on the break? He can't let that man get out on the break because he know what was that time it was.

- So maybe it's possible that my man Kevin Durant was a little frustrated and boiled over because he got stuck in traffic and missed the entire warm up session of the Golden State Warriors.

SHANNON: Leave early.

- Because-- no, well, what happened was the Oakland A's had their season opener in that stadium, which is right across the parking lot. And it had adjourned just as Kevin was trying to get to Oracle. And that's a big, big bad probably.

- If you don't mind me asking, did Kevin Durant not know that the A's had a baseball game that day?

- I guess not. I guess he blew it.

- Oh, OK. Oh, best player in the world didn't know that, huh.

- So this was scary to me because this got a little psycho. As Steve Kerr said, Kevin Durant snapped. And we've seen him snap all too often. And it dates back to Oklahoma City. It didn't just start here in Golden State. And I'll get to that in just a moment. But this was Kevin Durant, who's supposed to be the leader of this team, stepping back into the void left by both Steph and Klay being hurt and out. And you can't act like that. Because what really disappointed me the most on this possession was that Kevin Durant obviously got fouled. I think even you would agree he got fouled about three times on that drive.

SHANNON: Yeah, happens all the time with--

- OK. All right. So it happens all the time, but it already happened at least once before, according to Kevin Durant. Steve Kerr said it happened twice before that play that he'd gotten fouled without a call. But then what happened? The shot is missed. And Kevon Looney gets the rebound and he plays for Golden State. So the possession is going forward. OK. And Kevin Durant just quit on his team and walks down the baseline to Tre Maddox, the official and gets in his face. And the play is still going on behind him.

Well who is to say-- because you're down, what? Like, nine at that point. Who's to say if Kevin had just kept on playing and Looney's got the basketball, what if he gets another chance at point blank range? And maybe he could've scored and cut the deficit at half time. That's just unacceptable to me, if you're this good a player to quit in the middle of a possession and walk to the official. And I will give you this. At that point, it looked like he wanted to get thrown out. Because he curses. And then obviously, as [INAUDIBLE] pointed out in the official statement, they said his is cursing escalated. And there are some magic words. And I don't know exactly what word he reached for, but if you reach for the wrong word--

- Yeah, mofo will get you thrown up out of there.

- Yeah, those will get you. And it can get worse than that occasionally. But it happens fast. And I thought Tre Maddox who's been around for a while, would at least walk away and give him just the one tech and wait for the next salvo, but it happened, bang bang, because Kevin would not back off, because Kevin had snapped.

- Well, he can't walk away, Skip, because as you say, the play still goes on. So he got to be up under the basket.

- He's trying to watch. You know, he's actually trying to watch the play.

- He's like, man, get out my face. I'm gonna shoot you another tech.

- That is true. He's not even giving him eye contact.

- Yes.

- And he's boom. And then within two seconds, he's boom again. And you're gone.

- Oh, back to back. Hold on. Hold on for a second. Aye--

- The play is going--

- Your butt out of here. He should have told him, I know why you got thrown out. You see what Giannis doing to you. Don't think I don't know, KD.

- All right. All right. So Kevin Durant, I've said this many times on the air. He doesn't like me saying this, but I'll say it again. He's always suffered from an identity crisis. Am I a good guy or a bad guy? Am I too nice or am I not nice enough? So what happened back in that 2012, 2013 season, remember this sneaker campaign, the Nike campaign? Kevin Durant is not nice. He starts backing it up on the court. Because that was year-- look at his techs. We start with his rookie year it goes 0, 1, 3, 3, 5. And then all of a sudden in the not nice campaign year, he gets 12 technical fouls that year. And follows it up next year with another not nice year of 15 technicals. This is in OKC. 13 and 14. 12 and 15, now he only got ejected one time, but he's getting a ton of technical fouls. I'm pretty sure that led the league that year. It was close. I'm pretty sure the 15 did. And then it kind of subsided 4, 8, 8. And then to your point.

Also in this year he's got 14 with 5 ejects. Well, that's snap, snap, snap, snap where you're going psycho. You're just going over the edge.

- And think, Draymond got 15. Now you get to that magic number of 16, you got to down a game.

- Yeah, you do.

- So Kevin Durant is two away from having to sit out a possible regular season or a playoff game.

- So to me, there is something going on here that's a little bit of this be careful what you wish for. Because remember, last year obviously, Kevin, July the 4th he shocked the world. He leaves Russell Westbrook to go and join forces with all those villains in Golden State. And they got portrayed as the team of villains. Remember that?


- And they had chips on their shoulder all the way to winning the chip. Right?


- And they turned-- what they should have been the prohibitively favored villains into-- they consider themselves the us against the world underdogs. I thought it wasn't fair. It's like they're using it as motivation against your Cavaliers. Even in the Finals, like, they're obviously a little better. They just got more star and firepower. And they're acting like they're the underdogs. So they break through and they finally win a championship and there were no injury excuses on the Cavaliers side the way there were the first time around, when obviously, there was no Kevin Love. And then Kyrie got hurt in the overtime of game one.

And this time they win it. And now they seem to be crumbling under the pressure to repeat because it's getting to them. They're letting it get- because the injury gods have not been nice to the Golden State Warriors.