Shannon Sharpe says that Russell Westbrook deserves all of the blame for OKC’s 103-99 loss to the Spurs

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Shannon Sharpe makes it clear to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor on Undisputed that Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook is completely at fault for the team’s loss last night to the San Antonio Spurs. Shannon on the last 3 minutes of the game last night: “It will tell you everything you need to know why Kevin Durant packed up his bags and moved out to the Bay."

- Shannon, how much blame does Russ deserve for the loss?

- All of it. All-- all of it. I don't know how much blame it is, but every-- however much it is, he deserves it. So if you want 20%, he gets all that. You want 50%, he gets that too. If he's 100%, he gets it all.

- OK, give him 100.

- The guy that we were just talking about?

- Yeah?

- If you want to know why he's there, all you had to do was look at the last three minutes of this ballgame. Without saying anything, it would tell you everything you need to know why Kevin Durant packed up his bags and moved out to the Bay. Skip, in the last three minutes of this ballgame, OKC had seven possessions. Seven. If anybody other than Russell Westbrook touched the basketball, something good happened.

Seven possessions. One possession. Westbrook, turnover. Westbrook, airball. Westbrook misses a five-footer. Adams tips it in. I got no problem with that. That's a good shot. Five-footer. Paul George gets fouled attempting a three, makes all three free throws. Westbrook, airball. Paul George makes a three.

You see a recurring theme there? See, you-- oh, this is a big-- this is why I can't have any trust in them. Because when the rubber meets the road-- now Paul George is three-- it was two for three before Russell shot these airballs. He was two for two. Carmelo, three for six.

- He was three for three.

- No, he ended up three for three because he made his last one.

- But on 3-point shots--

- Yeah, Paul George was three for three.

- No, Melo was three for three. And he took no shots in the fourth quarter. He got no shots. Right?

- Yeah, he was three for three. You're right. You're right. Paul George was three for six. Melo was three for three. Excuse me.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, yeah.

- Melo was three for three. Paul George was three for six.

- But Melo didn't even touch the ball.

- And that's the thing. You would think, OK I know, Russ, this is your team. But what LeBron is very good at-- and most players are good at it-- instead of trying to be the hero, let me find the guy that has the hot hand. Melo had the hot hand from three. Paul George was getting it going from three. He's shooting the ball-- one of the first airballs, Skip, was like, with six seconds on the clock. You got time to get a good shot. The second airball was with 14 seconds.

So you got opportunities to get better looks than what you're taking. I get it, Russ. This is your team. But at this juncture of the ballgame, you see-- you're seven of 17-- man, I ain't got it tonight. OK, let me find somebody that does have it. Carmelo, you haven't taken a whole bunch of shots, but you've got it going from three. Melo, here you go. Paul George, you're getting it going. Here you go.

But that's not how-- he can't help himself. He wants to be the hero on every turn. And sometimes there are times-- you know, he made the big three a couple of nights ago, Skip. But more times than not, he can't get out of his own way. This is why I say they're not a serious threat to OKC-- not OKC-- to the Rockets or Golden State for this very reason. Because he can't help himself. He wants to be the hero, and he won't allow other guys to pitch in and help him.

- Yet, earlier this basketball season, when the Thunder was struggling, my man Shannon Sharpe sat across from me and said Russ has just got to take it back over.

- Yes.

- Because he's deferring too much. His points have fallen off. Remember he went from 30 to 20-- he's still 30 to 20, 30 last year to 25 now. And you said he's just got to seize the reins and do it himself, right?

- Yes.

- OK. So which is it?

- No-- Skip, this is LeBron's team. Everybody knows the Cleveland Cavaliers is his team. But when he doesn't have it going, what's he going to do, Skip?

- Yeah, he's the best passer in basketball. Russell's had--

- The man had a triple-double, so he can't be that shoddy.

- He had to teach himself how to do that. And it was mostly by laying-- getting to the rim and just laying it off to Steven Adams.

- OK, we'll get it to the rim and lay it off to Steven Adams. You don't need those 30-footers, 35-footers, Skip, with six seconds and 14 seconds on the shot clock. I get it. Yes. I'm saying he needed to be more aggressive. But when you don't have it going, you give it to someone who does. Because at the end of the day, Russell, they're going to give you the credit. Because hey, Russ-- hey, that was a great pass to Paul George. That was a great pass to Melo. But he just couldn't help himself, Skip.