Skip Bayless unveils how Michael Jordan and Nike forever changed the culture of sports

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In his discussion with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless unveils how Michael Jordan and Nike forever changed the culture of sports.

- I want to remind everyone that Michael Jordan didn't just start the worldwide sneaker industry, he detonated it. He revolutionized it from the start. He joined this little company called Nike that nobody really knew anything about because, up to that point-- and I lived through this era-- it was Chuck Taylor All Stars--

- Converse.

- --by Converse, and maybe Bird and Magic took it up--

- The Weapons.

- --one notch, just one notch--

- Yep.

- --but not more than about a notch. And Adidas had the Superstars that I loved. You remember Run DMC--

- Yep.

- --their Superstars. But that was it--

SHANNON SHARPE: That was it.

- --period, end of story. And all of a sudden something happened to the sport of basketball, to the game of the National Basketball Association, that had never happened before. Casual fans started watching because you thought Jordan might do something each night you'd never seen before, because people started to think he could actually fly--


- right?

- They did.

- And it was Tiger before Tiger, because Tiger brought in nongolf fans to golf. People didn't even know what the rules of golf were but they're watching Tiger because it's a thunderstorm waiting to happen.


- And it was the same with Jordan back in '84, '85, '86. He's bringing in casual fans to basketball who didn't even care about basketball. They just wanted to see Jordan do something that look like superhero.

- The thing was Skip I believe it was the colorway of the shoe. Because prior to that, the shoe was just white. I believe--

- Or black. There's black Converse All Stars.

- If that shoe had not had that colorway--

- Yeah.

- --and it generated such a buzz that the NBA says--

- Yep.

- --we're going to fine you $5,000 every time you wear that shoe and Nike says, continue to wear that shoe, we'll pay that fine--

- That's true.

- --that exploded it Skip. I believe-- it's hard for me to believe if that was just a white sneaker--

- Yep.

- --that it would have ever had the impact.

- Totally, totally agree.

- But when you did this colorway--

- OK, but Michael Jordan off the court started to become a businessman who could go toe to toe with anybody on Wall Street.

- Yep.

- We'd never seen that. This is a black man who's saying, I'm you. I can beat all you off the court as well as I can beat you on the court, where he is dressing for success. He was the first athlete I ever covered who dressed to the nines for every postgame interview--


- --because he wanted to project an image-- Jordan Brand. This is Jordan Brand-- that I am special here. I'm taking this very seriously. I'm going to look and act the part even after the games. And then even though before him, Jim Brown, OJ Simpson had had prominent supporting roles in movies--


- --here came "Space Jam" in 1996 in the middle of Michael's career and he is the star of the movie, and carried it.


- Well, that had never happened. So he is blazing trails. And now LeBron, to me, is just walking in those footsteps. And he's walking great in those footsteps.

- And Michael had the video with Michael Jackson. But here's the thing Skip. For LeBron, OK, he came into the league and he had agency and all these agents. He fired everybody. He empowered his boys. He gave them platform.

- I'll give you that.