Shannon Sharpe delves into the mind of Lonzo Ball to reveal what LA’s rookie has done to elevate his game

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Reflecting on Lonzo Ball scoring 15 points in the Los Angeles Lakers' loss to the Detroit Pistons, Shannon Sharpe looks beyond the numbers, discerning that the Purple & Gold's controversial rookie made a conscious effort over the summer to modify his shot and prepare himself for more change over the course of the season.

SHANNON SHARPE: He was successful, shooting that shot all the way through. It got him to college, it got him to be the number two--

SKIP BAYLESS: You mean the mid-range jump shot? Or the 3 point shot?

SHANNON SHARPE: No, no, no, no, that exaggerated, that--

SKIP BAYLESS: The sideways shot.

SHANNON SHARPE: --way, that way shot. So it would have been hard, and remember Magic said, no, we're not going to tinker with it, we're going to let him see how it goes first. Well it looks to me, Skip, while he was injured, he'd been working on this.


SHANNON SHARPE: This didn't all of a sudden just come about. He's been working on this aspect. Now, it's not totally to the right side, but it's--

SKIP BAYLESS: It's pretty close.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, it's not nearly the--

SKIP BAYLESS: Oh, heck no.


SKIP BAYLESS: You remember when it's just flat out sideways. You're shooting it from clear over here.

SHANNON SHARPE: And maybe because, if you're going to shoot the mid-range, Skip, it's going to be really hard, just like it would be really hard to get that shot off if someone is guarding you. Coming way from over here. So you almost have to. Maybe, you know what, the pressure of, if we lose this game, we're going to be out of the playoffs. Because I believe he was going to work on that shot this summer. He was going to come back and do what Markelle Fultz did in his rookie season, change his shot.

But he said, you know what, if I'm going to change my shot over the summer, why not go ahead and get a head start on it now in meaningful playing basketball. Although we're out of playoff contention, at least I can get some work on some things, and see how it will work in an actual game. Because you know, you work on that in the summer, and then you come back and implement it during the game. Well hey, Skip, I won't do it in the summer, I'm going to go ahead and get a head start on it. I was impressed. I was happy to see that he had a range game, because we had never seen this--

SKIP BAYLESS: I didn't see him.



SHANNON SHARPE: Forget the seven to eight, Skip. I'm not talking about that. But we had never seen him put the ball on the floor and then pull up from the mid-range, and he was swishing it. But like you said, remember, he went to the three. He went back to what--


SHANNON SHARPE: --most comfortable.


SHANNON SHARPE: And that's what he's going to have to do. Because it seems to me, Skip, he made a conscious effort. I'm going to shoot it like this, I'm going to shoot it like this. But when he had to go out for a little further, what is his muscle memory?

SKIP BAYLESS: And it's still more of a set shot--


SKIP BAYLESS: --he's not jumping into it.

SHANNON SHARPE: And the thing is, he'll never get that shot off if somebody's guarding him. Like Steph, even if you're guarding Steph, Steph can get his shot off.

SKIP BAYLESS: He's a jumper.


SKIP BAYLESS: Yep. And its shot from an apex, it has height to it.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yes. And him, unless it's a catch and shoot, he's not pulling up that shot on anyone. And I think he has to develop the mid-range. So in order for him to be the player that he wants to be, and who you think he can be, Skip. He realized, this shot can't take me where I want to go, because I'm never going to be able to get it off. And I'm never going to be able to be consistent enough with it in the mid-range game. That's why he's so inconsistent. Skip, you know the thing consistency comes when it's textbook. His technique, that shot, you're never going to shoot 40, 50, 48%. Now Steph Curry every once in a while, would hover around 50% from the field. But he's shooting so many threes, and he's shooting from such distance. But he's normally a 47% to 48% field goal guy.