Shannon Sharpe on the news that LiAngelo Ball has declared for the 2018 NBA draft: ‘$20 says he doesn’t get drafted’

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In their reaction to learning that LiAngelo Ball has declared for the 2018 NBA draft, Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless explain why they both agree he won't get drafted. Will LiAngelo be a Los Angeles Laker like LaVar Ball predicted?

- If you haven't had enough Ball family news, we have some actual breaking news--

- Oh, yeah.

- --from the Ball family. LiAngelo Ball has declared for the 2018 NBA Draft--

- Good luck with that.

- --according to Yahoo Sports. So he's going to work out for several NBA teams and go to the combine at IMG.

- So the Lakers are going to take him in the first round, says LaVar?

- LaVar speak it into existence, all three of my boys on the Lakers.

- He ain't getting drafted. I got $20 say he don't get drafted.

- Oh, you're taking your money now? It's no do?

- Oh, you want do?

- No, I don't want do because I think you're on to something because I do not think he's going to get drafted.

- No.

- Drafted off what?

- What?

- What would they have to go on?

- Playing the Y-- play at the Y in Lithuania?

- He's-- yeah, his 15.7 points and 2.9 rebounds, 45%--

- Oh, 2.9.

- --three-point range.

- Against the Y.

- His brother averages seven rebounds in the NBA. And he's supposed to be-- he's got his Ball body, right?

- Well, we'll see. He's going to work out.