Bucks guard Jason Terry evaluates LeBron James and discusses playing against him this year versus in the early 2000s

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In a conversation with Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless on Undisputed, Milwaukee Bucks guard and 19-year NBA veteran Jason Terry talks about how Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James has evolved in the league. Do Terry's Bucks stand a chance if they meet the Cavs in the playoffs?

- Oh, [INAUDIBLE] you forgot about the Greek Freak.

- Ah-ha. I knew that was coming up.

- They gotta come through the Bucks, first. And you got to remember my first championship. Yeah, I got the code.

SHANNON SHARPE: Hey, you got the code?

- I got the code.

SHANNON SHARPE: You got the cheat code?

- I got the code to the King's throne, right.

- He had that forgotten that.

- Yeah. I know this. He's a little more confident than he was when we met up with him in 2011.

SKIP BAYLESS: Wait, was that when he melted down in that Finals?

- Got a little meltdown.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, got a little meltdown going, Shannon.

- Don't-- Listen, don't foul up, don't foul up Skip's stuff, JET.

- But he's more confident now, man. He is stronger than ever. Is he better than he's been, right now, at this point? I don't know.

Like, when that NBA Finals-- the first time-- when Kyrie got hurt, and Golden State won that series. He could have gotten MVP. Led in every category on the losing team. I think he could gotten MVP.

That would have been the first time ever. He was at a tremendously high level then. But he's up there. He's up there right now.

- Skip would have you believe because of these injuries, and they happened earlier-- that LeBron path-- that everybody's just, like, parted and LeBron is just gonna walk right through.

- I don't know. We just played Cleveland, in Cleveland. Look like they're starting to get a little bit of rhythm with the new guys that they've acquired.

Jordan Clarkson is playing extremely well. Rodney Hood's been injured a little bit, Nance is still out. But, you know, they're deep. They're deep.

And one thing he can do is, he can position his players, and put them where he wants them-- quarterback them-- so they can be successful. So, you know, home court advantage is one thing. It's tough to win in Cleveland. Playing against eight-- oh, can I say that?

- Oh, you talking about the officials? They don't call no fouls on LeBron. You know that, JET.

- Right.

- Hit the man all upside his head, he don't get--

- Offensive fouls. Man, he running people over like a running back.

- Ooh.

- Look at James Harden. Shooting 20 shots a game from the foul line.

- Right. Who's better?

- You already know. Don't play. JET, don't play.

- I played with the beard.

- Don't, don't-- I know you did.

- Well, we know he's the MVP this year.

- Mm-hmm. He is.

- MVP, best player, they're not the same thing.

- OK. Well, go ahead Skip.

- I'm intrigued by something that JET just hinted at. And that is that the Milwaukee Bucks sit, right now, just a game out of the six spot, currently occupied by the Wizards, who seem to be going backwards. If you vault past the Wizards, and the Cleveland Cavaliers stay three, guess what, Shannon? That would mean that Jason Terry and the Greek Freak get to play LeBron and company in round one. Correct?

- Oh, yeah.

- And then what would happen?

- Well, we like the matchup. The matchup is good for us, obviously. What it does to LeBron is, he has to guard the Greek Freak. They don't have anybody else.

SKIP BAYLESS: Real interesting.

- Who else can guard him? Kevin Love can't guard him.

- Can Nance Jr. a little bit?

JASON TERRY: Huh, who? His daddy could have guard him, but he can't.

- His daddy, ha ha.

- Hey, hold on, hold on. Did you hear what-- after he got out of the shower, did you hear what Giannis said?

- What'd he say?

- He said, I'm in the shower, and I'm thinking, what could I have done differently? The man dropped 40. He dropped 40. Now, you know, Greek got all those points-- y'all were down by 19 with three minutes to go-- and you got those trash points. So his stat line looks good.

- Mental warfare. He was playing mental warfare. He's learned that already, Giannis.

- You know good and well they don't want see it. Now, you know that's a different man in the playoffs.

- I don't know, but see, I played against LeBron plenty of times. And what I heard when Giannis drove at him and hit him in his chest-- oop, ooh.


- [INAUDIBLE] chest. Ooh.

- You're in this chest.

- Get hit in that chest.

- JET, now you know Giannis ain't got enough bricks in the back pocket [INAUDIBLE].

- Well, he had some that night because he-- ooh, ooh.

SHANNON SHARPE: The night he dropped 40 and 15 on y'all?

- Giannis had 37, 8, and 9.

- They were trash points. You down 19, with three minutes to go. So come on now, JET, tell the truth, now.

- 3-point game at the end.

- You proud of that? See, LeBron was trying to come out, and y'all tried to make it a ball game. But you know what? I want you to enjoy that first-round money, cause if y'all play them in the first round, that's far as you going.

- You know, all of a sudden, Milwaukee is going in a different direction than everybody else is going because the injury gods keep telling this team, you're out, you're out, you're out. But they're saying to Milwaukee, they're getting healthy. Jabari's back, and Khris Middleton's back. Is Malcolm Brogdon going to be back?

- Yeah. Malcolm Brogdon will be back soon. And see, that's what people don't understand, with Jabari Parker-- he's the X-factor. He's another guy that LeBron--

SHANNON SHARPE: Don't do that.

- --can't guard.

SHANNON SHARPE: Don't, don't.

- Wow, he just said he can't guard.

- Yeah, yeah, you need to stop.

- Flight school.

- JET, now, you gonna have these people, at home, that's watching there. They're talking about Giannis and Jabari, can go-- Now you gonna have LeBron go off and go get-- average for the playoffs against your team.

- 50. We want him to get 50, and no assists.

- But you know he gonna get them assists.

JASON TERRY: No, he's not.

- Because you know how he'd be-- you saw them assists, how he'd be doing it. You saw that.

- Yeah, we gonna be on that.

- You saw that up across court.

- We gonna be on it.

- You can't stop it.

- I like my supporting cast better than his. I'm just gonna go on the record and say it.

- What we-- hey, they gonna massage this thing. Andrew's been affecting them all year. Tristan's been in and out of lineup. Kevin Love.

SKIP BAYLESS: They're back. They're back. They're all back.

- But, hold up. But it's gonna take time for us to get it right. But if anybody can make these ingredients, that we haven't had before, and make a great dish, it's Bron.


- You know he a great chef, Jet. Tell the truth now.

- Well, we'll catch y'all in the second round. We'll catch you in the second round, you--

- No, y'all ain't going to no second round. Y'all going be in the sixth seed.

- Going down. They're going down.

- Y'all ain't going no-- second round?

- Well, we can manipulate this thing however we want to at this point. You know, seven, eight.

- You better get a-- better hope--

- Eight, catch them in the finals-- conference finals.

- Oh, oh yeah, if I was you, I would avoid LeBron at all costs. That's what I would do.

- Jason Terry has always been kryptonite for LeBron James because Jason knows the secrets of how you deal with LeBron.

- I'm surprised you even showed up this morning. He body-bagged you about six years ago.

- You see, I knew that was coming. And I knew it was coming.

- Joy, [INAUDIBLE] me, Joy.

- Should of pulled my little picture out that I carry around, with you and them other little kids that always heckled me.