Skip Bayless is out of sympathy for Johnny Manziel

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Skip Bayless talks Johnny Manziel. Does the former Texas A&M star have a chance at a NFL comeback after his workout in San Diego.

- Back to the it kid, Johnny Manziel, Johnny Kardashian. So ahead of this draft, at least I give myself this much credit even though I was falling for Johnny's Eddie Haskell phony baloney. And he can turn on the adult charm like nobody I've ever known. And he would text me and say, I do not have a problem with alcohol. But I was saying on the air, if he does have a problem with alcohol I am out.

And then, later it was reported that he not only had problems with alcohol at Texas A&M, he was starting to dabble in cocaine. And that led to worse and worse. So Johnny Manziel gets drafted and just goes completely down the tubes. And it got so bad that he just couldn't play, he couldn't even show up for meetings.

He's missing meetings to fly to Las Vegas and put on disguises and now he's telling these stories as if we should have sympathy. And I got to tell you, I'm out. I'm done.

SHANNON SHARPE: You're not buying it?

- I'm not. No, I'm not. I'm out of sympathy.


- Because I don't-- I get this, now he's saying I was diagnosed with bipolar. OK. So remember, he got a domestic violence charge dismissed because he went through anger management, he participated in a domestic violence panel that he had to sit on, and he went through an NFL sanctioned substance abuse program.

And he completed all three tasks and the judge dismissed the charge. And he did serve a four game suspension to start the 2016 season but he wasn't even with the team, so I don't even know how that plays. So I'm not even quite sure if he's cleared by the commissioner yet to be on an NFL--

SHANNON SHARPE: But I thought before you to serve a suspension you had to be on the team because if you're not on a team--

SKIP BAYLESS: Not sure how that plays, how that works.

- How do you suspend someone from school that doesn't go to school?

SKIP BAYLESS: I don't know, I don't know.

- And so that's what we're up against. But here's the thing, Skip, you mentioned Jon Gruden. Now Jon Gruden said, if I'm the Houston Texans, I take Johnny Manziel number one and I don't look back. Jon Gruden's the coach of the Raiders. Why isn't Johnny Manziel on his roster? Now, he had an opport--

- Maybe will be, I don't know.