Shannon Sharpe discusses Johnny Manziel’s comeback chances after throwing at Pro Day

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Shannon Sharpe discusses former Cleveland Brown quarterback Johnny Manziel throwing at University of San Diego Pro Day,13 NFL teams watched. Does Manziel deserve another shot in the NFL?

- Shannon, do you think Manziel will get another shot in the NFL?

- Prior to this, Skip, I thought there were probably a 2%, 3% chance. After this, 13-- it is reported 13 teams showed up-- I think there's somewhere around a 10% or 15% chance. I think what he did was great on his part.

He went to the University of San Diego and he threw to some receivers. Now, the receivers requested that he be their quarterback. Now, they're slated to be later round draft picks. So now, Johnny comes in. It is not like he's upstaging anyone.

Whereas had he gone somewhere else, maybe it's like, oh, Johnny's trying to take over their day. Now, my recommendation for Kap is to find one of these historically black institutions that's having a pro day and go through to their receivers and see--

SKIP BAYLESS: It'd be interesting.

- --see how many teams were to show up. Skip, for me, this is not about Johnny Manziel on the football field. Johnny Manziel is the exact same height he was at the Combine and what he was his rookie-- his first year at Cleveland. This is not about his ability to throw the football. Because I don't know the gurus-- maybe he has a George Whitfield or a Tom House or one of the mechanics in throwing the football in his camp.

This is not about on the field. This is about off the field. Can Johnny Manziel drive by a bar at 10:00 at night with a neon sign that says Open? Can he drive by it, Skip, and not park his car and go inside and stay 'til 1:00, 2:00 in the morning? That's what they're going to need to know.

So someone's going to have to trust him. And like he said, I've had spells where I've been really, really good for a short amount of time. And that's the thing which you have to understand, Johnny.

So you can see why people are a little cynical-- a little skeptical. Because you've shown this before. And somehow, you relapse back.

It's just amazing to me, Skip, that 13 teams-- now, it's hard for me to believe that 13 teams are going to show up to watch guys that are slated to go sixth, seventh round, maybe even free agents. It's hard for me to believe that they just showed up for those two young men or those couple of guys-- those receivers.


- It's hard for me to believe that, Skip. And Johnny gets afforded privileges that we know one quarterback that sat out of the NFL last year did not get afforded. And that's one Colin Kaepernick. And so for me, if I'm Kap, I'm going to find somebody that has a pro day that has some receiver that's slated to go in the later rounds. Because I don't want to be accused of upstaging someone's workout, and I go throw to them. And so while they're there looking at those guys, they can see how I spin the football, and that I'm more than capable of playing in the NFL.