Shannon Sharpe declares Serena Williams the most dominant athlete of last 20 years by a large margin

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In a discussion about the most dominant athletes of the last 20 years with Skip Bayless and Rob Parker on Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe makes his case for why Serena Williams should sit atop the list ahead of Tiger Woods, LeBron James and Barry Bonds.

- No disrespect to the people that came up with this list, but it's not even close. It's Serena Williams. Since 2008, Tiger Woods has not won a major. Serena Williams has won 15 slams.

They play the same amount of majors and the same amount of slams every year, four and four, Skip. The next closest is Kim Clijsters. Think about that.

Since Tiger Woods last won the US Open, Serena has won 15 slams. I don't really know what else to say about that. The dominant-- and I agree with you, Rob. The domination over a 20-year span-- now, if you take the first 10 years, it's Tiger.

SKIP BAYLESS: It's hands down. It's no fight.

- Now, Skip, now if you say impact, Serena didn't make little black men and little black boys go pick up tennis rackets and says, I want to be Serena Williams. But that's what Tiger did. He was must-see TV. And he got a lot-- he made a lot of men go play golf, especially Black men. Nike built a brand. Golf-- TaylorMade and Calloway--

SKIP BAYLESS: For a little while, they did.

- Yeah, for 20 years.

ROB PARKER: It didn't last, right.

SKIP BAYLESS: It didn't sustain itself, but go ahead.

- But the mere fact that they is like, we're not even in the golf business, but we're about to get into the golf business.

- You remember the original ad.

- Yeah.

- I am Tiger Woods. I am Tiger Woods. I am Tiger Woods.

- Exactly. But the impact that Tiger had, I get it. The people that would watch and you're paying $10,000 for passes to go watch him at the Masters and all the ratings and all the money, Skip. And all, a lot of these Black athletes, I mean, because a lot of the white quarterbacks, they always played golf. Now you see so many more Black athletes playing because of that man. So if you want to say impact, nobody has probably had more impact on sports in the last 20 years than Tiger. But as far as domination--

- Yeah.

- --it's Serena. It's not even close, Skip. She won as a teenager. She won in the 20s. She's winning in her 30s. She won the Australian Open, what, three months, four months pregnant?

Throw in two-- think about this. Throw in two Olympic gold medals as a singles, two in doubles. And it's not even close, Skip.

And that's no disrespect to Tiger because he's been fabulous. Barry Bonds was unbelievable. But as far as dominant over the last 20 years, she's 23 and 6 in finals, 23 and 6. Man, it's not even close.

- You finished?

- I'm done.

- Good. So back to Rob Parker's initial point, if we are talking about a three year window of dominance and not 20 years, if we're just talking about three years, it's a real close call between Barry Bonds and Tiger Woods. But I'm going to go with Rob on a three year window because I covered Barry Bonds in 2001.

- You were there.

- I was there all the way home. And it was the most unbelievable athletic feat I have ever witnessed. Because I know how hard it is to hit a baseball. And I know that Barry Bonds was the first hitter and the only hitter I've ever seen who actually had the advantage over the pitcher. No one's ever had that before and he did.