Shannon Sharpe blames Melo and Russ for Thunder blowing 6-point lead with 25 seconds left vs Celtics

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In a conversation with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe gives his takeaway from the Oklahoma City Thunder's 100-99 loss to the Boston Celtics. Does Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook deserve to share the blame with forward Carmelo Anthony, who missed two free throws with 8.4 seconds left?

- Shannon, who do you blame for the Thunder's loss?

- Russ and Melo. Russ and Melo, it's both of their fault. Because, first of all-- And Skip, you know, entering into the season, Russell Westbrook was an 82% free throw shooter. He's shooting 73% this year.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, he shot 85 last year.

- Yeah.

- OK.

SHANNON SHARPE: So he's down nine. Carmelo coming into the season was an 81% free throw shooter.


- He's 76%.

SKIP BAYLESS: That is true.

- Now, Paul George is an 81% free throw shooter this year. But we've seen Paul George miss some very big free throws in some very press-- pressurized situations.

SKIP BAYLESS: Especially if LeBron is standing nearby.

SHANNON SHARPE: So if Billy-- if I'm Billy Donovan, the two guys that I want to have the ball, Carmelo and Russ because I know that they are going to step to the line. Russ misses one.


- Melo misses two. Skip, they let-- Russell lets Rozier, walks up, and hits a three. They let Jayson Tatum drive the lane. OK, you're up two. At no chance should you let a player get off a three point shot. So what if they drive the ball and tie you. You go to overtime. Going to overtime is not a loss. That guy hits that three, there's a good chance you're going to lose this game.

I don't know what they were thinking. When you have this kind of lead with this little time left in the ball game, Skip, there's no way as a professional-- and spec-- when we're talking about the Brooklyn Nets, we're talking about one of these teams-- oh, god, get that. We're talking about a team with Russ, a team with Carmelo, a team with Paul Jordan, you have a six point lead with 25 seconds and you lose.

Skip, you don't lose in overtime. You lose in regulation. No, that's unacceptable. And I blame those two guys because they got to be better. Like, you tell me, it's a free throw.

SKIP BAYLESS: It's free.

- Yeah, it's free. And you up there with your own demons. See, I know a guy that--

- He's learned that from LeBron.

- I know a guy that don't have no demons.

- Yeah, he's got a lot of demons.

- He's got none!

- I like his new routine where he does the exaggerated step back on LeBron.

- Yeah, I like it, too.

- Step that left foot back, and then back to the line. Oh, now, I can do it.

- Yeah.

- Well, you can do it 72% [INAUDIBLE] It's OK.

- I tell you what he can do-- 40, 12, and 11.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, he can do that.

- And then a triple-double's [INAUDIBLE].


But you know whose fault it is.