Chris Broussard reveals how the Houston Rockets are a ‘serious threat’ to Golden State

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Chris Broussard joins Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor to discuss James Harden, Chris Paul and the Houston Rockets chances to compete against an unhealthy Steph Curry and Kevin Durant's Golden State Warriors. Broussard reveals why the Rockets are a serious threat to the Warriors.

- Who is the biggest threat to Golden State and the West?

- The west, as you said, the West is phenomenal. This reminds me of '08, '09. When eighth-seeded Denver won 50 games. I mean, that's how good the conference was. And that's how good it is now. I mean, Utah is what, the fifth seed? They've won nine straight, 21 of 23.

When you mentioned Portland, we know what OKC brings. San Antonio, the seventh seed, if they get Kawhi back, that's a heck of a 7 seed.

- Well, that's a big if.


- You're getting cynical.


- Minnesota is probably-- Jimmy Butler says he expects to be back maybe even before the playoffs start. That's-- I mean, if they finish eighth or seventh whatever, I mean, the West is a monster. So I do think first round, second round, Golden State is going to have some trouble. I don't want to say trouble-- they'll win-- but I think they'll have a very tough series.

Portland, if they get them in the second round-- because Lillard-- all the point guards, when they go against Steph-- because they're like, everybody's saying he's better than me, but he doesn't even try on the defensive end to guard me so, they go at him hard. Kyrie had that mentality. I know Lillard's got that mentality. So I think that will be a tough series.

But I'm still-- with all this said, the Houston Rockets are still the biggest threat to the Warriors. Here's a few reasons why. One, they are rated as the best offense in history, NBA history, number one. The next three, Showtime Lakers '87 won the title. Last year's Warriors won the title. Jordan's Bulls in, I think, '92 won a title. So that's a good sign.

Two, this is not your typical Mike D'Antoni no defense, run and gun, shoot 'em up type team. Defensively, they're eighth in the league in defensive efficiency. We know they're pretty good. They're only slightly below Golden State in that realm.

And then their pace. Their pace is 14th in the league. They're not just playing at this breakneck speed. 14th in the league, I think that will bode well for them in the playoffs when we know it slows down. I think when teams try to take away the three and make them drive with Chris Paul, you've got a mid-range shooter now. So it won't be-- we got to go all the way to the hoop or we shoot a three. He can shoot the mid range. They're 10 and 3 against the other top five seeds or top six seeds in the West.

I mean, this is a legitimate team. I think they'd be trouble for the Warriors even if the Warriors have no health concerns. So definitely with the Warriors banged up, I think Houston's got a great shot.

- That's what my point was. The Warriors health is the biggest obstacle. Now if I got to pick a team, I agree with you. I'm taking the Houston Rockets because they can play defense. Chris Paul can play defense on your point guard. PJ Tucker plays defense Trevor Ariza plays defense. So they got three of the five. Capela's OK. He'll block a few shots, he'll protect the rim.