Skip and Shannon react to news of Cavs coach Ty Lue taking a leave of absence

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe are joined by Chris Broussard to talk about the surprising news out of Cleveland this morning. How will the LeBron James and the rest of the Cavaliers fare down the stretch of the season without head coach Ty Lue on the bench?

- Chris, what's your reaction?

- First, you know, I want to send my prayers out to Ty Lue.

- Agreed.

- Obviously, you just hope that he's OK.

- Right.

- I do think, though-- and he's not definitively out for the rest of the season.


- You know, it's just open-ended. Larry Drew will take over. I do think, though, this could be good for the Cavs. Not because of his coaching ability, or lack thereof, however you look at it. I just think one, this can give them something to rally around. You know? I mean, this is a team that seems to look for motivation in different places.

You can-- they may even be out there playing for Ty Lue. Or they can use that as a cause. Two, my uneducated opinion is that this may be stress-related for Ty Lue. Very-- it's highly stressful to coach LeBron, because it's always championship or bust.

- It's also-- every night is something.

- Yes.

- Like I said, it's drama every night. I've said-- I've told you-- I've never followed a team in sports history, maybe outside of the Billy Martin, Reggie Jackson Yankees, that has this much drama. Every night it's something. To the point that JR is throwing soup in Damon Jones' face.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well it shouldn't be that big of a deal, Skip. Because Ty Lue is the assistant coach anyway. That's what you tell people every time. Or Ty, get well soon. But I know what happened. He's been watching the Cavs playing every night-- ooh, my stomach. So he's got to get away from that, Skip. But in all seriousness, you could-- when it happened the first time, I'm like, OK. That's-- OK, maybe he said he felt a little ill. And then it happened again.

And then I'm looking for Ty on the sideline, and I don't see him. And I see Larry Drew call a time out. I'm like, well what's going on? You could see it's starting to come with greater regularity now. And it is a very stressful situation. And when you coach an all time great player-- I don't care how great you coach-- if your team doesn't win, it it's your fault.

Just like when Tony Dungy was coaching and Peyton Manning, every year they didn't win the Super Bowl, it was Tony's fault. You've got to win when you have these all time great players. Because they're not going to put a whole lot of blame at their feet. They're going to place it at your feet. So I just hope he gets well. But you know what Bron's going to do. He's going to do what he always does.

SKIP BAYLESS: Coach the team.

- And continue going out with this lady. Joyce saw her Saturday in Chicago with some green beer and red [INAUDIBLE].

- And look, I don't think that stress will be on Larry Drew. Because while Ty was going to get blamed, nobody is going to blame Larry Drew. They could fall off the map, and nobody's going to blame him. So he's going to be free to coach it stress-free. I think it could be--

SKIP BAYLESS: What do you always say about LeBron? He feeds off the drama he creates. He likes that dynamic, because he rises in it. The quote unquote "coach" does not. He crumbles under it. And Ty Lue-- he's a good guy.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, I like Ty Lue.

- You can watch before your very eyes-- he has aged over his--


- And it looks like being president of the United States. They just age. Because it's hard, man. Right?

SHANNON SHARPE: Ty Lue's got more gray than me. I'm like-- it was all jet black and then-- like--

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Yeah, no question.

- So he's saying he can't sleep, and he's got chest pains. It's a bad combination.

- Dave McMenamin from ESPN had a note that, when they got back from the road trip, a Cavs official told him this-- he couldn't get to sleep till 9:30 in the morning. So it looks like stress. And like you said, LeBron and-- because of him-- the Cavs have thrived in turmoil, dysfunction, drama--

SKIP BAYLESS: They have. They thrive on it.

- --whether it was Love and Kyrie out in 2015, whether it's being down 3-1 in 2016 to the Warriors, whether it was David Blatt or LeBron's battles with Love and Kyrie. And we said, when they came together with this new trade, what is the drama going to be? Because you knew something was going to happen. I couldn't see what it would be. And I don't want to put this in the same category as that-- those types of things. But this is turmoil. This is something you can rally against, and rally--

- You know, Gary Kubiak had a very similar situation. Chest pains, couldn't sleep.

SKIP BAYLESS: He got rushed to the hospital during a game.

- Yes. He had a mini stroke. And he ended up stepping away from the game, because of that very situation. But Larry Drew has the easy job. "Bron, what you want? Bron, hold up. Bron, what you want? Hold the elbow up." They would give him the-- that's what we're going to do, Skip.

SKIP BAYLESS: I got it. Larry Drew-- I'm not saying Larry Drew is a better basketball coach than Ty Lue. But he is a very good basketball coach who's been around this league for a long time. And I don't know him, but I've been around observing him. And he's a tough guy. He's mentally tough. And I think he'll be able to stand up to whatever-- like you say, there aren't going to be huge expectations just on him. But whatever the drama swirling around him, I think he'll be OK with it.

SHANNON SHARPE: And Kevin Love is listed as probable. He might be coming back in the next couple of days. Kevin Love. And we did it without Fourth Korver.

SKIP BAYLESS: No more excuses.

- Bron didn't make none. I mean, look-- look what they had on Saturday. Look at the roster that he went out there with on Saturday. You saw that roster.

- Yeah.

- You could have been the--

- I saw Chicago's roster.

- Thank you. I was just going to say the same thing.

- Hold up--

- I'm not even going against-- I'm just saying, like--

- Well I'll tell you what-- I just want to see what Damian Lillard does without CJ McCollum. And then come talk to me, OK? Then we'll talk. Because I'm seeing what Anthony Davis is doing without Boogie Cousins.


- Oh, OK. I'm just making sure. We're going to talk about Bron a little later.

SKIP BAYLESS: Those two guys you just named, Damian and AD?


- They've got to show me something when it matters. Just something.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah. So you see something from that guy-- my guy. My guy, when he was their age, was cooking folks.

SKIP BAYLESS: I've seen your guy go 3 and 5 in the finals.

SHANNON SHARPE: Hold up. You saw my guy at like 21 be in the NBA Finals, too, didn't you?


- Did you see that?

SKIP BAYLESS: And he was great.

- Oh. Only Magic Johnson got the--

- Yeah, and he got swept. But it's OK.

- Yeah, well if LeBron would have had Kareem he wouldn't gotten swept.

- OK. You need Kareem? Are you that good, or not?

- Magic always had Kareem. Always.

SHANNON SHARPE: Everybody can have an all time great player, except Bron. You could be the best player in the world, he's got to do it by himself. Magic was winning MVPs with Kareem on the roster.

SKIP BAYLESS: OK, how was Kareem doing pre Magic? He did win one--

SHANNON SHARPE: He won five MVPs and one title.

- Mm-hmm. In Milwaukee.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: They missed the playoffs a couple of times--

- They did.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: --with the Lakers before Magic got there.

SHANNON SHARPE: I didn't say--

- Kareem won MVP one year. It was different back then.

- Yeah. And in Magic's rookie year, who was the MVP of the league, Skip? Kareem. Ah!

SKIP BAYLESS: I thought this was about Ty Lue.

SHANNON SHARPE: Right. Ty Lue, is going to get well. I mean, go home. Eat some soup. Look, you're in a stressful situation.

- Some soup.

- When you coach that guy, then the expectation is to get the finals--

- I know.

- Chicken noodle soup is going to get him all fixed up.

- Well, that's why he texted JR.

- Well, Rachel Nichols just put out LeBron's statement on it. He said, it's like losing one of your best players. Obviously, the guy who's the captain of our ship, who's been running things the past three years.

- Running things. Ain't not quotes. Put your hands down, Skip.

- You know what? This also-- does this take pressure off LeBron too?

- No.

- It-- there's all-- I mean, they're falling apart. His team is falling apart. The coach is out.

- [INAUDIBLE] Look here, you know-- Bron is MacGuyver. You know you throw MacGuyver anywhere and he'll make something.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: All right. I'm with you.

- Hmm.

SHANNON SHARPE: Bron got this. In Bron I trust.