Shannon Sharpe on seven top-4 seeds out of NCAA Tournament

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In his reaction to seven of the top-4 seeds losing in the NCAA tournament, Shannon Sharpe explains that the unknown is one of the reasons why we love March Madness. For the first time since 2004, multiple number one seeds failed to make the Sweet 16 including Xavier, North Carolina, Cincinnati, and Michigan State.

- These are teenagers on a big stage. And if you look at it, Skip, a lot of these programs, a lot of the prominent programs, their best player, they're one and done. They're two and done max. Most of these teams that upset these teams, they're juniors and senior led.

And the days that we seeing the Georgetown go to three straight Final Fours, that's over, Skip. Because the players were staying longer. It's hard to build a program when you're getting the Kentucky's one and done.

You know if you go to Kentucky the most-- their starting five, Skip, they're gone. Duke starting five, they're gone. OK, they've got a senior in Grayson Allen. But for the most part--

- Cal's doing a pretty good job once again of molding those five kids into something pretty good.

- And it's laid out for him. He's going to probably have to be the 13 or 16 or 12 to get to the Final Four. But that's what happens, Skip. These power five teams, they have-- most-- their best players are freshmen. And you're asking an awful lot.

And this is, this what we love about it, Skip. Because now we get an opportunity to see. My team was never going to play North Carolina or Duke or Kentucky in the regular season. But in this, when they don't know really a whole lot about us-- I know you watch tape, but you're really-- you're not paying attention to UMBC. As a matter of fact, our wardrobes, Autumn, she say, take them over Virginia. I said, give me the sheet. You don't know what you're talking about.

SKIP BAYLESS: She said that?


SKIP BAYLESS: Way to go, Autumn.

- Yeah, Autumn McGillicuddy. That's her name.

JOY TAYLOR: Making history.

- Yeah, she's making history.


- But anyway, I told her to give me my sheet because she didn't know what she was talking about and that was the only thing she got right. But anyway, Skip, when you're dealing with young men, Skip, teenagers, anything can happen. You know this.

And that's why we love March Madness. That's why they call it March Madness. Because on any given Thursday or Friday, even given Saturday or Sunday, the unknown can happen. And we see it over and over. And you're going to start seeing it more and more.

You might see it even more. Because guess what? If they change this rule that the best college freshmen are not going to even come? Hey, it's going to-- you're going to get it. You're going to get it right upside the head.

I like it. I was upset. Carolina lost. You know I'm a Tar Heel.


- And you know what made it even worse? Roger Federer had three match points on his record against Del Potro and he lost.

- So? What does that have to do with this?

- Because it was a bad day for me yesterday. That's why I was hung over. I knew something like this is going to happen. That's why I was hung over from Saturday.

SKIP BAYLESS: You don't even drink.

- I'd had some Jamison-- LeBron James-- oh my bad. Yeah.

- You were hung over on water? Did you drink too much water?

- No, don't worry about, Skip.

- Waterlogged?

- [INAUDIBLE] I was disappointed that my team lost. Your team lost. Your team didn't even make it.

- Who's my team?

- Vanderbilt is your team.

- Oh, that's true.

- Yeah, exactly.

- They had a bad year.

- Bad history.