Will Trae Young be a bust in the NBA? Skip Bayless weighs in

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In his reaction to Trae Young and Oklahoma's 83-78 overtime loss to Rhode Island in the first round of the NCAA tournament, Skip Bayless compares Trae Young to Stephen Curry and explains how Young might be a 'liability' to any NBA team that is looking to draft him.

SKIP BAYLESS: Trae Young is short arm, six feet two inches tall, and willowy. Like doesn't have much of a frame.

- He's 18!

SKIP BAYLESS: We'll see about that. Lonzo Ball is only 19--

- 20!

SKIP BAYLESS: --and he is-- 20. I'm sorry, 20, you're right. He turned 20. Is a long six-seven, and a very disruptive defender. Trae Young plays no defense, and I'm not sure he's capable of playing any NBA defense. He's going to be a liability for somebody who says, I love him as our point guard, especially if we have a pretty good team around him, because he is a gifted passer. I don't think he's quite as gifted as Lonzo, but he really has the gift. He can see it-- [INTERPOSING VOICES]

- --the game than Lonzo, played with lesser team players than Lonzo.

SKIP BAYLESS: He also led the nation in turnovers because he got carried away with the hype machine, the college basketball hype machine, in the first month of this season. And he's got ability. And he was hitting that 30-foot three-point, it's almost like a set shot. And he won't be able to get that off in the NBA. And once the game started getting tougher down the stretch, especially the last 11 games, those bombs didn't drop any more. And it's a shot that no NBA coach is going to encourage, because it's a low-percentage shot.

Steph Curry is the greatest shooter we have ever seen. This is not Steph Curry. And to be the explosive scorer in--

- Steph Curry NBA or Steph Curry college his freshman and sophomore year?

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, not freshman-sophomore, but again, after his junior year-- and I loved him as a sophomore I said that's the first pick in the draft. That's better than Blake Griffin, and I'm an Oklahoma fan. So I've tried to like Blake Griffin and I've tried to like Trae Young, and I told you six weeks ago on this show he's not all that. He can be a good point guard on a good team, more in the Rondo mold. I know Rondo can't score at all, but he's got that kind of Rondo-- but he's Rondo's size.

But as far as being able to be an explosive scorer in the NBA, you have to have strength and you have to have athletic explosiveness, and I don't see it from him. There's no Allen Iverson going on. There's no leaping ability. There's no at six-two and Allen was only 6-ish.

- Yes, but here's the thing, Skip. What point guard-- I'm talking about elite point guard-- plays defense besides Chris Paul. None of them play really--

SKIP BAYLESS: You have to play some. He is a liability. And I've watched a bunch of his games this year, and I just like close my eyes. He doesn't even try to cover anybody, because he became the darling of all of college basketball, and it was fun to watch a while, until they went 2 and 9 in their last 11 games.

- Yeah, they shouldn't have made the NCAA, but that's not here nor there, Skip. But if you look at him, I just think the way he can shoot the basketball, the way he passes the ball let's you know he's not one dimensional. I don't think you're going to score 28 points a game. But nobody thought Steph Curry could average 30 points a game. The game with more open, teams are not going to just put two or three guys on him because he's going to go to a team that they're going to have other guys.

Skip, he's really playing-- I mean Lonzo Ball played with a guy what the 14th or 18th pick overall. He also played with Holliday, who's probably going to be a first-round pick. So it wasn't like Lonzo wasn't playing without talent.

SKIP BAYLESS: It's early, I agree.

- The guy at Oklahoma, Skip, these guys--

SKIP BAYLESS: There's some talent there. More than people give them credit for. But the point is that he does-- it's why LeBron blessed him from his camp. Because he can pass the ball. LeBron loves that. And he has a pure shot. Like he can make, he's in close to 90% free throws. And he made two big ones yesterday in that game. That was big. But when it comes to making clutch, 30-foot shots, he made some early, but then after a while it just got to be laughable.

Because he just throwing up threes. He made one yesterday late in regulation and then he missed two in overtime and it's just like you can't do that. That won't project. But the irony of this conversation is for a while people were making a case like he could be the first pick in the draft, but now you're in the right. I'm with you on the range here. Because it's maybe late lottery, at the end of the lottery, or maybe a little out of the lottery.