Chaos in Cleveland: Skip Bayless on LeBron and Ty Lue’s heated exchange in loss to Portland

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In his discussion about LeBron James and Ty Lue's heated exchange on the bench in Cleveland's 113-105 loss to Damian Lillard's Portland Trail Blazers, Skip Bayless explains to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor how this display was a 'big deal' for the Cavaliers moving forward.

SKIP BAYLESS: By the way, just speaking of coach-player clashing, as bad as it gets between Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, you ever see them yell at each other on the sideline, just for the record.

- No.

SKIP BAYLESS: Just, like, flat out yell at each other?

- But I know Ty Lue ain't tried to go behind his back and try to trade LeBron, either. You ever notice that, Joy?

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, that's a very true-- that's a good point. Touché. So, to me, as you predicted, I do think this is a big deal that could get a whole lot bigger, because, bottom line, Ty Lue had the guts-- and this took some guts-- to call out, to stand up to, to potentially show up, the best player in the NBA-- says Shannon Sharpe--

- Says everybody.

SKIP BAYLESS: --on the bench, in front of the rest of the team. I got to tell you, that's a big deal, because, clearly, I've said that Ty Lue is on the hot seat as the assistant coach of this team. And, now, the assistant coach has called out the head coach, down the bench. And they're going back and forth. I'm talking about LeBron James, who clearly coaches his team.

- No, he doesn't. Stop staying that.

SKIP BAYLESS: And we know that, once upon a time, LeBron did get rid of another assistant coach, named David Blatt. And, I think, he likes Ty Lue a lot more than he like David Blatt, personally. But somebody is going to have to pay, because the new Cavaliers, after those boom-boom-boom trade deadline deals that turned the whole season around, the new Cavs have now plummeted to 7-7. So somebody is going to have to pay for this, because, on this road trip, that you predicted 4-2 on--

- I did.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yep. They're now 2-3 with one game left at Chicago, which they should win.

- We gonna win.

SKIP BAYLESS: OK. Well, I'll--


SKIP BAYLESS: No-- yeah. I'll just give it right back to you, on that one. But I do think there were some interesting and significant flash points that occurred between Ty Lue and LeBron James, because this is rare for the best player on the planet. Into the third quarter, it's 1:26 remaining. And Portland is starting to edge away. Portland has created a 10-point lead.

And LeBron, if we could see it, gets stuck. He gets stymied. He gets defended right here. And there's nowhere to go, and there's nowhere to go.

So he just says, I'm going to shoot it. And he gets it. He shot-- he shot an air ball as we saw. But he gets called for traveling, because he--

- He did.

SKIP BAYLESS: He clearly switched his pivot feet.

- He did.

SKIP BAYLESS: And the ref just said, I'm sorry, LeBron.

- I got to call it.

SKIP BAYLESS: No, I got to-- I just got to call this one. LeBron's, like, really? Seriously? It's me. It's LeBron James.

- Yeah.

SKIP BAYLESS: So that's the first one. And, then, Portland goes down and misses. And LeBron gets the rebound. There's the step back, fall away travel.

And Portland goes the other way and misses. And LeBron gets the rebound. And he just bring-- here he comes, up the court, up the court, up the court up the court, and he launches. Whoop. Le-Brick.

- We was trying to get a three-for-one.

SKIP BAYLESS: OK, three-for-one at the end of the quarter. Ty Lue didn't like the first one. And he really, really, really did not like the second one. And he's given LeBron the business about it from the bench. And they are going back and forth, near the end of the quarter.

- Right.

SKIP BAYLESS: Then the quarter ends, and it's time for LeBron to rest. And, so, they have to go face-to-face. And it-- it got a little dicey, man. I mean, they were going at it pretty hard, don't you think?