Skip Bayless reveals why Jerry Jones should cut Dez Bryant and go with young receivers in Dallas

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In his conversation about the Dallas Cowboys, Skip Bayless reveals to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why he urges Jerry Jones to release Dez Bryant and sign young receivers this offseason to compete in the NFC East.

- Jane Slater, also a reporter for the NFL Network, that Jerry made a quote-unquote "honest offer" for Sammy Watkins. I'm not sure how honest it was because he got $30 million guaranteed to go to the Chiefs. But at least that shows me a sign of a little ray of light that at least Jerry tried to get into the bidding on Sammy Watkins.

- Oh, I'll give you five. I'll give you $5 mill a year.

- Maybe?

- No, Sammy Watkins says, I will not.

- And Jane Slater also reports that Dez Bryant is still dug in and will not take one penny less. So here we go. Again, the happiest day of my recent life will be if Jerry finally sees the light and cuts Dez Bryant, clears the decks, and goes with young receivers. I don't know who they are, but you just got to let others have opportunities.

SHANNON SHARPE: I just don't see how they pay Dez that $16 million, $12 million base if he's going to count, what, $16 against the cap. I just don't see it. I just don't see how. Skip, he's not that guy. He's not. He's not Julio. Those guys, Mike Evans, those guys deserve that kind of pay day. They deserve it.

He earned the contract. But when you sign the contract, you don't get to say, well, I did this for the past three years, so I get three years to bulljive. That's not how it works. You have to continue. And he has not. Three years is hard for me to believe to see Dez play dip over the last three years, to say, you know what? Now, he's going to pick back up. I just don't see that happening.

- It will not happen. I would completely agree.

And there is another guy we've had on the show still out there on the market named Brice Butler. Jerry, just do it. Just sign him. Bring him back. Give him some money. Give him some money. He's close friends with Dak Prescott. He's got a wavelength with Dak Prescott. Do it, Jerry. It's all your-- it's your only hope right now. Draft a receiver. Sign Brice Butler. That would do it.

- Damn, he gonna keep his son, Dez.

- And what's going to happen with the loaded Philadelphia Eagles is they just might implode from within because you are underestimating--

- Stop hoping!

- --what's about to happen, that we have never seen anything like this scenario in which the "backup quarterback," quote-unquote, just played the two best back-to-back playoff games in a championship game and a Super Bowl we have ever seen. Show me better numbers than Nick Foles put up in those two games. You cannot.

So you're telling me that if Carson Wentz says he's healthy-- and you know him. He's going to, like, run through a wall to be healthy-- he'll say, it's my job. And I want it back, Game 1. He'll probably be a little gimpy, maybe not quite be ready. And Nick Foles, the Super Bowl MVP, will be over there holding a clipboard? Do you know what those fans are going to do in Philadelphia with the first incompletion that Wentz in a lifetime throws?

- No. Bad deal.

- Do you have any idea what's about to-- the havoc that's about to be wreaked on poor Carson Wentz. No quarterback will ever be under more fire than Carson Wentz will be. He went from MVP frontrunner to oh, my god.

- No.

- This is--

- Eagles fans won't even see the first incompletion he throws. You know why? Because they'll be looking at that flagpole, Super Bowl champs.

- Yeah, yeah, you wait. This is going to be--

- Super Bowl champs.

- This is going to be the story of the year in the National Football League.

- Stop! You--

- It's what's going on between Nick Foles and Carson Wentz. And it may end up being you have two quarterbacks, and you have none because the pressure on both of them is going to bring both down.

- We ain't got no pressure.

- Yeah? If I were those guys, I would trade Nick Foles before the season starts.

- No, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Trade him, just trade him.

- Hold on. Why do you think they would ever take advice from you who's a Cowboys fan and an Eagles hater?

- Well, they should.

- They shouldn't listen to you. No.

- Yeah, well, listen to me now.

- No.

- Listen to me now.

- They're loaded.

- Yep, they're loaded. I agree. I got nothing.