Shannon Sharpe reacts to Philadelphia’s offseason additions: ‘They makin’ money moves’

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In his reaction to reports the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles agreed to a contract with former Seattle Seahawk Michael Bennett, Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor how the addition of Bennett will impact the Eagles' defense.

SHANNON SHARPE: I like the Eagles. The Eagles are the old car to beat. They be making money move. OK, how big is the gap? It's not as big as the Nile River is long, but let's say it's as big as Lake Havasu. How about that, Skip?

SKIP BAYLESS: As wide as Lake Havasu?

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah! You would agree with that?

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, I'd buy that right now.

SHANNON SHARPE: Close enough, good enough. I didn't hear anything this off season about Doug Peterson saying, well, I really need to make this offense more Carson Wentz ready, like he [INAUDIBLE]. He went and won a Super Bowl with the back-up, and he gets the guy who's going to be MVP back at some point next year. So-- I mean, this year-- so we know that.

Jerry Jones is standing-- Now, I get it. You drafted all these guys on defense, Skip, and you want to give them a chance to flourish. But it's-- Jerry knows how this works. He went out and signed prime time. Why did he sign him, Skip? Cause he wanted to win the bowls. He went and made the move for Charles Haley, because he wanted to win the bowl.

But now all of a sudden he doesn't want to spend any money in free agency. OK. Let me know how [INAUDIBLE]. Eagles are going to beat up for a while, because Doug Peterson-- I like Doug. Doug, he said, You know what? Late January, early February, there's going to be a normal occurrence for us.


SHANNON SHARPE: Early December

it'll be a normal occurrence for you guys. Season over! Yep, get ready for next year.

SKIP BAYLESS: We're going to finish last in the division, is that what you got?

SHANNON SHARPE: Y'all ain't going to win the division. I don't care where you finish, you won't be first. So if you're not first, you're last. So that's what you're going to be.


SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah. I love what the Eagles are doing. Go out and get Michael Bennett. Put pressure hits on the quarterback. Yeah. I'm sorry, Skip. Spend some money and go get Tyrann M-- If you don't want to trade your first round pick, or second round pick, and get Earl Thomas, I get it.

But the honey badger, Tyrann Mathieu, right there, he's a play maker. Skip, you need play makers on that side of the ball. You don't take the ball away. You are 27th in big plays. Big plays, as defined as plays of 20 yards plus or more. You were 27. So you get no explosive plays on offense, you don't take the ball away and put points on the board defensively, so how do you expect to win?

Oh, but I guess, hey, you've got the number one value team that's valued the most. You sell more merchandise and everything. Jerry got his own TV and radio show. That's all fine and good. But it ain't-- Hey, Eagles are back collecting trophies now.

SKIP BAYLESS: Whatever games we play in next year will be the top rated games of the year in the National Football--

SHANNON SHARPE: You want top rated-- Eagles don't have any top rated games. They just have that old Lombardi. Now which one you want, Joy? You want the Lombardi, or you want top rated games? I don't know how y'all do it, but when you play football, it's all about Lombardi not ratings.

SKIP BAYLESS: OK. So, for once, and just for one day, you got me.


I got nothing. I got nothing. I literally, I got nothing. The Eagles have won the off season. Or at least they are winning the off season. Because, to your point, you go out and pull off a trade out from under Bill Belichick's nose, from Michael Bennett. Belichick steps slow. Got to wonder about that. Got to wonder. I don't know. What's going on there?