Shannon Sharpe reveals how Kirk Cousins will make Minnesota better long-term

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In his discussion on the Minnesota Vikings planning to sign former Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins to a 3-year fully guaranteed deal worth $84 million, Shannon Sharpe reveals how Cousins will impact the Vikings and make them better long-term.

- I believe they're a lot better. And you can't look at this-- will they just be better next year? This is a three year commitment. They will be better long term. Kirk Cousins and Philip Rivers are the only two quarterbacks, over the last three years, to throw for 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns in a season. Not Aaron Rodgers, not Tom Brady, not Drew Brees.

That's some very good company, Skip Bayless.

And when you look, they're betting on Kirk Cousins body of work as opposed to the 14 games what they saw with Case Keenum. Because if you look Case Keenum in the playoff, how that work out, Skip? You do know he threw three interceptions in two games.

- I do know that he made one of the great throws in the history of the National Football League.

SHANNON SHARPE: The throw was very routine.

- I don't think it was routine. He had to come off his primary read and throw it to the next receiver up, to Stefon Diggs.

- He stared him down and he fooled him. But anyway we're not talking about that, Skip. I'm talking about--

SKIP BAYLESS: You brought it up, I finished it.

- You brought it up! I ain't bring up nothing about no play, I'm talking about Kirk Cousins. I believe Cousins will be even better. You know why, Skip? Because when you play up under that franchise tag there's certain risk that you're not willing to take. He was unwilling because he-- they're betting against him. Oh, you threw two interceptions this game. You threw three interceptions that game. Well, you ended up with 20 interceptions. And he was unwilling to take that risk. He bet on himself.

Now don't look now but Kirk Cousins is going to make like $130 million five years fully guaranteed, Skip. So he bet on himself and he won. Now he has a coaching staff, now he has a front office that believes in him. He will take more risk but he will reward the Vikings.

I believe right now, as we said, they might be the best team or the second best team in the NFL. Top to bottom-- offense, defense. and now that they have this guy, Skip, I guarantee you, the moment he signed, the Vegas sports books they are going to move up there. They're going to be top three at the bare minimum.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, it did move yesterday.

- Oh, they moved yesterday?

- Yeah.

SHANNON SHARPE: Why they do that? They're up to like fifth. I think they're--

- Who fourth? I get the Patriots, and I get the Eagles. But I'm trying to-- who they thought-- oh, the Steelers. They must be signing mean Joe. They must be cloning Mean Joe.

- And the Cowboys.

- No the Cow-- Cowboys are not even in the top 15.