Shannon Sharpe reacts to LeBron’s 14th triple-double of season

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Shanoon Sharpe reacts to LeBron James' 14th triple-double of the season in Cleveland's win over the Phoenix Suns. King James scored 28 pts,13 reb,11 ast and after the game LeBron said ' I'm like fine wine, I get better with age'.

- What position, my butt!

- Is LeBron right?

- Yeah, he's right. You know he's right too, Skip Bayless. Fine wine! Not no moscato or Manischewitz. I'm talking about I got some 1996 Opus One. I got some of it. Yea, I do.

- You know about that Opus?

- Sure do, yeah.

- Uncle Shannon drinks that?

- I got it. I just got it. Just holding on to it for a rainy day. I got some limited edition 2000 Silver Oak also.

- Ooh.

- Yeah, I do, sure do.

- We'll have to crack that open on your 50th birthday.

- Might have to get some of that old Rotschild that I got down in the old-- in the vault. Mm-hmm. That's what LeBron is. Not know Yellow Tail. Not no Manischewitz or moscato. That good stuff, Skip!

- Yeah, mm-hmm.

- No player-- let me tell you what LeBron do. I'll give you a little context to what we've talking about.

- Oh, thank you.

- A little context to what I'm talking about.

- I needed it.

- In year 15, LeBron James is averaging more rebounds per game than Shaquille O'Neal did, Kevin Garnett, and arguably the greatest player to ever live, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. That's what he's doing in year 15. In a year 15, only one player averaged more assists than what LeBron James is doing right now, that's Steve Nash.

So I just wanted to give you a little context.

- I got it.

- So he's averaging 27 points a game. His career average is 27.1. He's averaging nine assists a game. No forward, small, three, or four has averaged this assists ever. He's the only one to ever average eight. He's doing nine. And he's a tick off his rebound. He's 8.5 this year. 8.6 last year was his career high.

So there's no doubt about it. And doing all this, Skip, while shooting 54%. Now, normally, as you start to age, your field goal percentage starts to dip, not with this young man, Skip. Oh, I'll tell you, Skip, there's something special. You watch it. You better watch it, Skip, because in the blink of an eye, in four years, it's going to be gone.

- Really? You're only giving--

- And never to return!

- --him like four more years?

- Boom.

- Tom Brady's going to play until he's 45.

- No, he ain't.

- Huh?

- No.

- Well, you said yesterday--

- He might. He's going to try to. But are we talking about-- will you stop running-- I don't want you to put this-- I don't want you--

Look here, LeBron is by himself. He told you he don't want to be compared to anybody. He's in a room by himself.

- Well, yeah. There's one guy who's in a room by himself.

- No.

- He's upstairs.

- And a lady. And you know what? I was upset last night, Jill. I don't know if you was watching it. All of a sudden, the Phoenix Suns want to play defense. They let LeBron go one on one, because they don't want him to get that one assist and get that triple dub.

- Oh.

- Even my good friend Jared Dudley, he's fouling at the half court. They're down by 23 points. I can see if it's a highly contested ball game.

- Yeah.

- He's foul at the half court and raise his hand, like, official, I fouled it. Official said, no, he's going to get this triple dub. You see that lady sitting right there. She was dressed to the nines too. She had them old ketchup bottom shoes on, Skip. Oh, she was sitting here so pretty.

- Trust me on this. Jared Dudley loves him some LeBron James. He was probably contributing to his triple double.

- No. He tried to foul it.

- He wanted to facilitate it.

- Skip, they were-- LeBron James with 4:36 needed one assist. LeBron James-- they were leaving LeBron go one on one with-- when have you ever known anybody and they not to come with a double team to let LeBron go one on one? They won't even do that with Kuwat, who's an all-time great defender. Nobody's taking LeBron James one on one. You know that, and I know that.

But they didn't want him to get that triple dub. But he had flown her. She had came through a nor'easter wind. And she had stopped in LA. And she got late. Things didn't work out. It was baggage. Luggage got lost.

- Didn't work out.

- She wasn't able to make it. But when she showed up last night in Phoenix-- I mean-- yeah, last night in Phoenix--

- Well, you went with her, right?

- With them ketchup bottom shoes on-- you know what I'm talking about, them old ketchup bottoms. Wow. And had a nice purse, old limited edition.

- Tell me when you're finished.

- Skip, he's getting better.

- Yeah.

- You didn't think it. I knew it was going to happen, because he's saying, Shan, I'll be on this thing hard every day on my grind posting them selfies.

- Yeah.

- He's getting better with age.

- OK.