Skip Bayless reveals why he disagrees with Aaron Rodgers’ reaction to Green Bay cutting Jordy Nelson

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In his discussion on the Green Bay Packers releasing long time Packer Jordy Nelson, who has 33 touchdowns in the last 3 years, Skip Bayless explains to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why he doesn't agree with Aaron Rodgers reaction on social media.

- Point number one from this side of the table is, I am shocked that this franchise and that quarterback did not figure out some way to keep Jordy Nelson. Because to me-- this is just me, from a distance-- and I'm not a Packer fan. But Jordy Nelson, to me, was as big a part of Green Bay's long-term success and its mystique under Aaron Rodgers as Aaron was. There was something about Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson.

SHANNON SHARPE: They had a great rapport.

- It was a big deal. When I'm rooting against them, I am scared of Jordy Nelson, because I feel like he's going to figure a way to get behind my guys. So this is a very hypocritical reaction, social media-wise, from Aaron Rodgers, because there are a lot of mixed emotions and messages coming from Aaron. And I've told you before. I feel like this quarterback gets more passes from the media than he throws. And I'm not going to give him a pass for this today.

Because in the end, why don't you put your money where your mouth is? Because he did one of the-- the ninth of the 11 hashtags is #StillCanPlayBall. Jordy Nelson can still play. That's what he believes.

And apparently, the Oakland Raiders really believe it, because they have jumped all over Jordy Nelson. He is now visiting the Oakland Raiders today. And the reports are, they are willing to part with Michael Crabtree and replace Crabtree with Jordy Nelson.

Jordy Nelson reportedly has also targeted the Patriots, who are now without Danny Amendola. So will that be a connection? I don't know.

And then there are four or five other teams that are going to jump all over this. Because I believe, at age-- as he's going on 33 in May--


- --that he still can play. And apparently, Aaron does, too. So I'm going to point something else out, since you brought up Tom Brady. Tom Brady, next year, is scheduled to make a grand total of $15 million. That's almost half of what Kirk Cousins is about to make-- $28 million. OK? First Cousins-- so think about that. Kirk Cousins-- First Cousins-- is going to make $28 million. Tom Brady, the reigning MVP, the greatest quarterback ever, who should've won last year's Super Bowl--

SHANNON SHARPE: No, he shouldn't have.

- --who got robbed by his own coach who wouldn't play Malcolm Butler.

SHANNON SHARPE: Stop this, Skip Bayless!

- But he played well enough to win his sixth Super Bowl. He's going to make $15 million. Why does he do that? Because he takes a big old hometown discount to help his salary cap and roster and a coach who often swings and misses at various Mike Gillislees in the free agent market. And I'm talking about Bill Belichick last year-- big old swing and miss, right?

SHANNON SHARPE: Yep. It was a swing and miss.

- And he got away with it. And they should've won the Super Bowl without Mike Gillislee. So 15 million-- so Aaron Rodgers, as underpaid as he might be right now, he's scheduled to make $21 million next year-- 21 million to Tom Brady's 15.

Well, there's there's $6 million. Why couldn't Aaron Rodgers go to him and say, hey, take some of mine and give it to Jordy?

SHANNON SHARPE: Mm-mm. No, no, no, no, no, no, no no, no.

- Well, why not?

- No, no, no.

SKIP BAYLESS: I mean, put your money where your mouth is.

- Did you see the revenue that the Green Bay Packers made? They're a publicly traded-- they're a publicly owned company.

- OK, but there's this thing called a salary cap, all right?

- OK, but you ain't taking none of my salary and try to fit it under your cap. Because that's what Coach-- think about it. And we're going to talk about this later. Granted, Tom Brady has done a great service to the New England Patriots. Because he's always played for under-market, they think everybody else should play on under-market. And they've taken money from guys and take money.

And Danny Amendola's going to basically say, no, I'm good. Y'all done took money from me the last couple of years. I've fixing to go get me a payday.

- OK. Good for him. But they will go right onward and upward without him.

- Yeah. Edelman's coming back. Amendola was playing that position. Skip, here's the thing. The thing is, as Rodgers is saying, it's not my job to figure out a way to try to keep Jordy Nelson. It's your job. That's what you guys get paid for.

My job is to go out there on the field and perform at a high level. I think what he's most upset by, Skip , is that they didn't talk to him first. You talking to him, saying, OK, yeah, we released Jordy. That's no good!

OK, they tell him after the fact they released his position coach Alex Van Pelt. That's no good! He's saying, the service that I've built up, the good will, me being Aaron Rodgers, don't you think you should run this by me first, beforehand? That's normally what happens when you're dealing with these type of players.