Drew Brees re-signs with New Orleans, Shannon and Skip weigh in

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Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor discuss QB Drew Brees re-signing with the New Orleans Saints for two-year, $50 million deal.

JOY TAYLOR: Well, Drew Brees's deal is a two-year, $50 million contract with $27 million guaranteed.

SKIP BAYLESS: Whoo, he was not going to leave New Orleans.

JOY TAYLOR: But it's actually a one-year deal with a team option after the first year and has a no-trade clause so--

SHANNON SHARPE: The thing was, Skip, is that he wasn't giving them a discount. See, they wanted somewhere in the neighborhood of 18, 19, and Drew said did you see what-- did you see what Jimmy Garoppolo just got. If you think I'm playing for 7, $8 million less per year than him, you're crazy.

SKIP BAYLESS: And Drew is 39, but he could also say did you see what that guy up in Foxboro just did at 40. He just won the MVP.

SHANNON SHARPE: And Jimmy Garoppolo got seven starts.


SHANNON SHARPE: Drew Brees said I got like 150 starts. I need my cheese.

SKIP BAYLESS: OK. And he got his cheese.


SKIP BAYLESS: And there's no way-- I think they're playing a game of chicken. But did you really think last night that Drew Brees was going to pick up stakes and move his-- I think he's--


SKIP BAYLESS: --four kids-- and move his wife and four kids up to Minneapolis. I just don't think he was going to do it.


JOY TAYLOR: I don't think him and--

SKIP BAYLESS: There was some conjecture about that.