Shannon Sharpe unveils why he doesn’t see Tom Brady retiring anytime soon

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In his conversation about the final episode of Tom Brady's documentary, Shannon Sharpe reacts to Tom Brady coping with losing the Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles and his hand injury in the documentary. Shannon reveals why he doesn't see Brady walking away from football anytime soon.

- Huh?

- What was your takeaway from the final episode?

- They asked Tom, how you feel. Joy, the man said it's a loaded question. Skip Bayless, are you serious?

He know-- this is not a loaded question. A loaded question-- would you rather be hit by a Mack truck or a dump truck? That's a loaded question. You lost the Super Bowl-- not to Aaron Rodgers, not to Drew Brees, not to Ben Roethlisberger-- to a backup who started three regular-season games that year.

- Who put up 41 points on Bell Belichick's defense.

- Is it my time, Joy? Is it my time, Joy?

- Yeah.

- Is it my time? Can I speak now?

- That's why it's loaded. Because he can't say that.

- No, you're supposed to say, I feel like stir-fried dog poop. That's how I feel. I got beat by a backup.

- You're supposed to say, my coach let me down. My Hall-of-Fame coach.

- As he goes deeper into it, Skip. He asked the question-- and I've asked myself these very questions as I'm training-- who, what, why, when, how much longer. Those are the questions that he asked himself to get himself in the right mind frame. To go out there and compete at a high level. And speaking of cuts, I want my cut.

Joy, you heard it. They used my voice when I said it was a big, fat, nothing burger. They used some other guy's voice. Why did they put Coach Belichick when he said it wasn't open-heart surgery? I want my cut, Tom.

- Because big, fat, nothing burger is a better line than that.

- Oh, no, I want my money-- I want my cut. You cannot use my likeness. You can't use my voice without the express rank consent of Shannon Sharpe of FS1.

- How do we know they didn't have somebody else's recording?

- Whoa, whoa whoa whoa. I want my cut, Skip. But--

- You know what? That didn't look like a nothing burger to me. That looked like a big old cut-up piece of meat, dripping with blood. Did you see how deep that gash was? Did you see the swelling on the palm of a quarterback's hand?

- Skip--

- Seriously.

- He threw for 500 in the Super Bowl.

- He threw the all-time record for any playoff game with that. With that.

- He was fine. Coach Belichick--

- He was fine?

- Hold on. Coach Belichick saw him every day. Coach Belichick said it wasn't open-heart surgery. What am I supposed to say? Am I supposed to go against Coach Belichick?

- Yeah. He's as jealous of Tom Brady as you are.

- Skip, first, and also, what do you mean you're gonna dedicate this offseason to your family? Hell, they been dedicating the last eighteen-- well, they've been married for about 10 years. The whole season is about you. Gisele has to be mom and dad. Get the kids up, get the kids to school, go watch soccer practice.

So this shouldn't be new to you, Tom. Look, I get it. I understand. Families have to make a lot of sacrifices. Gisele has to make a lot of sacrifices.

And he's like, but it's gonna be a family decision. No, it's not. You can have your mom, your dad, your sisters, and Gisele. Guess what? You have one more vote than them because that's the only vote that matters.

Skip, you know, good and well. And I, unfortunately, I have a feeling Skip, that Tom is gonna try to play as long as he can, unforeseen, injury notwithstanding. And I'm afraid that might be the only way, is that a injury knocks him out for part of the season and he walks away. Other than that, Skip, he doesn't say-- Cause in one breath he says, yeah, OK, I want to spend time with my family and I might walk away to step--

You know, he's not saying those exact words but-- I'm gonna step away from it for family time-- and that's what you have a family for, to give them a lot of your time. But in the same breath, you hear Gisele say, he loves it. He says, can I just go to work cause I love it so much. That doesn't sound like a guy--

- At one point, she said he loves it more than he loves me. She said it-- I think that was in episode 5. But go ahead.

- Yeah. So that doesn't sound like a guy who says, you know what, I got one more year. He's not retiring after MVP season, obviously.

- Thank you.

- But I don't see him walking away, minus any injury any time soon.

- You don't?

- I thought he was gonna play two more-- I thought he was gonna play, like, two years, get to 20. But Tom Brady, might try to, he might try to be like Vinatieri. Cause Vinatieri, what, Vinatieri came in, in '96, and here he is, still playing?

- Yep.

- So he might try to top Adam Vinatieri.